Thursday, December 29, 2011

Family Christmas

Stix n Brix
Clayton, NC

We’ve been here for a couple of days wrapping things up so that the closing will go smoothly next week, but I just had to post a few shots from Christmas with the family.  We left Huntington Beach real early Friday morning so that we could get Wanda set up in Mom’s driveway in Roanoke Rapids and help her with some Christmas preparations.  We went to Rocky Mount on Saturday for a Christmas Eve dinner with Gin’s parents.  We ate too much but it was so good.  Back to Mom’s and Christmas Day with her.  The rest of my family came in Sunday evening for dinner.  Once again, we ate too much.
Christmas 2011  Marie, (Mom)Becca, and Ella Christmas 2011

After dinner, we gathered around the tree while my great niece Xani played Xani Claus and handed out gifts to everyone.  She did a real good job with the names.
Xani Claus!!  Ella studies her present

It was nice weather so we could get some fresh air.  Since it was a little crowded, my sister Virginia and BiL David spent the night with us in the MH.  It sure was convenient and we were glad to have them.
(Granny) Virginia and Xani Christmas 2011  Christmas 2011

This year we received the best gift ever from my niece Marie.  Along with being a microbiologist, she is an artist along with her husband Shannon who live in Asheville.  She works with different mediums.  This year she made graphic magnets.  Ours was a perfect life-sized rendition of Smudge which she based upon a picture from my tribute post.  We were so touched that we all cried.  It will stick to the fridge in the new MH nicely.  I’ll get shots of that in a few weeks hopefully.

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Causeway Birds

Huntington Beach State Park (site #21)
Murrell’s Inlet, SC

I just had to get some more pictures from the causeway to share with everyone.  There are so many migratory birds here but the easiest to catch are the Egrets.  They love to pose.
Egrets love to pose  Great Egret

I had not noticed this heron before.  It’s a Tricolored Heron and he was looking for lunch.
Tricolored Heron  Tricolored Heron walking in the sawgrass reeds

There are lots of different ducks that I can’t figure out one from the other.  I had a blurred picture of a Bufflehead but I think this shot of a pair of Hooded Mergansers came out pretty good.
Female and male Hooded Merganser

We all got together with Bill and Nancy on Thursday and went for another paddle.  We were on the Waccamaw River again using a boat landing at Highway 9 near Longs, SC.  It was more traffic noise but it was a pretty day meandering along in the kayaks.
IMG_0786  IMG_0787

On Friday evening, Gin and I along with Dan and Tricia again gathered at Bill and Nancy’s house and we went out for dinner at Capriz in the Broadway on the Beach shopping center in Myrtle Beach.  Afterwards, we walked around to see the shops and lights.  It was delicious food and great company.

The time for us to leave is drawing near but we have really enjoyed our time at a great campground and time with great friends.  If anyone is travelling anywhere near this area,  take the time to spend a few days here.  We love the beach and the causeway birds.
Beautiful day at the beach! 
Great Egret at Huntington Beach  Reflections of a beautiful day

We will go back to NC to spend time with our families for Christmas and then get the paperwork done on the house.  We can hardly wait to get that straight so that we can go to Florida to get a new MH!

Life is what you make of it…today is tomorrow’s yesterday.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lotsa Photos

Huntington Beach State Park (site #21)
Murrell’s Inlet, SC

We managed to get the bikes on the beach and go out to the jetty the other day.  It’s about a mile and a half one way.  It’s nice to have the electric motor to push us through the headwinds.  Dan and Tricia didn’t have that luxury.
Gin and Dan riding to the jetty

We saw a pair of dolphins in the water and a sea turtle.  I tried to get pictures but all I got was the water where they had just gone back under.  It was a little cool and overcast but we enjoyed the time on the beach and gathered a few shells.
Sunbeams on an overcast day

We all went to the causeway in front of Atalaya to see the alligators and I showed Dan and Tricia how easily my camera can zoom in for a close up.  Dan took this picture of the turtle.  Cool huh…
Young gator and old turtles  Close up of old turtles

We had a couple of cool dreary days that gave us a chance to relax at the MH and recharge our batteries, so to speak.  As soon as we had a clear day though, I just had to get on the bike and spend some time on the causeway taking pictures.  There were tons of birds there.  I think the Herons and Egrets actually like to pose for the cameras.  Here are a few pictures to check out.  Just a reminder, a caption will appear if you put the cursor on the pic and they enlarge when you click on them.
Feeding frenzy 

Blue Heron at Huntington Beach  Egret at Huntington Beach

Beautiful mature Pelican  Pelicans at Huntington Beach

Great Egret and Blue Heron posing Hear no fish, See no fish, Catch no fish... Woodstork at Huntington Beach

Ibis wading for a fish  Ibis and his reflection

Snowy Egret, a pair of Ibis, and a Great Egret in the oyster beds  Beautiful Snowy Egret

Hope you enjoyed the birds.  This month here is going by so fast, spending time with friends and enjoying the park.  I’m liking this a lot.  Smile

Life is what you make of it…a smile is free to share.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Huntington Beach State Park

Huntington Beach State Park (site #21)
Murrells Inlet, SC

I have been lazy and just living in the moment, but I said that I would share some pictures of this beautiful cg.  This is the site that we are on.  It would be a great place to have a Carolina Clan get together.  Smile  Notice the Santa hat on Wanda.  We copied Jim and Linda on that one.
Site #21 Huntington Beach SP SC

I love the wildlife here.  When you drive over the causeway to get to the park, you will see all kinds of birds and often times see an alligator.  There are a couple of sandbar islands that are popular places for the birds to preen and just show off their beauty.
Pelican, Egret, and Heron on a sand bar island

Pelicans on the causeway  Snowy Egret

There is another causeway leading to Atalaya, (the Moorish style castle that was the winter home for the Huntington’s) that is not open to vehicle traffic.  It is harder to see the water around it due to the bushes and trees, but the alligators like it here better.  Flocks of ducks and other migratory birds use this area as a good stop over.
Young alligator...5-6 ft long

On Sunday, we got together with Nancy and Bill and Tricia and Dan to do a bit of kayaking on the Waccamaw River Intracoastal Waterway.  It was a great afternoon with great friends!
Bill and Nancy, Gin, Dan and Tricia Waccamaw River Intracoastal Waterway

The Enterprise Boat Landing is surrounded by a Wildlife Refuge so it is a beautiful natural setting.  We saw several of these huge old trees all around and kept looking for gators along the shore.
Ancient tree  Spanich Moss draping a Bald Cypress

We did finally see an Osprey with his fish dinner (click on the photos to enlarge) thanks to Nancy’s sharp eyes.
Osprey with his catch of the day

As I said in the beginning of this post, we have enjoyed living in the moment.  I think that we can handle this lifestyle once the house sale is finalized.  Speaking of which, we went back to Clayton for 24 hours to take care of some of the items listed by the inspector.  I had a dental appointment too so that worked out ok but, it was a long drive there and back.  We’re planning to relax around camp again today…

Life is what you make of it... don’t stress out on the little things.