Saturday, June 30, 2012

Where’s the Time Gone…

Kerr Scott Reservoir COE
Wilkesboro, NC

As you may have guessed, I took a long break from blogging.  I guess I’m falling into my rving routine.  I’m not a writer who has to share my thoughts or entertain folks.  I’m glad there are many bloggers out there who have that talent, but I’m retired and I don’t feel like working at a blog that much.

We’ve had a busy enough month though.  We went to Camp Freightliner in Gaffney, SC with Nancy and Bill and learned that we have complicated machines.  The four of us stayed at King’s Mountain State Park in SC for a week or so and enjoyed each others company.  It was a very wooded cg and the sites were not that level.  It’s not big rig friendly but we managed.
King's Mountain SP SC site 47

One of the things I liked there was the Living History Farm.  We all walked the grounds one day.  It is set up much the way it would have been in the 1800’s.  Too much manual labor for me but it was a very peaceful setting.  One of the days there, they had volunteers in period costume sharing information about how life was lived back then.

Bill and Gin at the Living History Farm Cotton Gin at the Farm

Living History Farm at King's Mountain SP Hen House at the Farm

Also right beside the SC State Park is the King's Mountain National Military Park.  We all went over there and enjoyed the very nice visitor center/museum.  The Battle of King’s Mountain was fought in 1780 and was a pivotal point in the Revolutionary War.  We walked the nicely paved path around and up the mountain.  I can’t imagine a battle on the steep hillside of this hallowed ground.
Gin and Bill at King's Mountain Nancy and Bill at King's Mountain Monument
King's Mountain Monument  Hallowed Grounds of King's Mountain National Battlefield

After enjoying our time together,  we went to NC while Nancy and Bill made their way to another SC Park.  We have landed at Kerr Scott Reservoir near Wilkesboro.  It’s a COE project and there are 3 cg’s around the lake.  We stayed at Bandit’s Roost CG for a few days and we’re now at Warrior Creek CG which is a better fit for us.
Bandit's Roost CG Kerr Scott Resevoir COE site 90 From the Dam at Kerr Scott Resevoir
I might get around to posting a few pictures of this place in a few days when it cools off a bit.  It’s been around 98* here and very humid.  Glad we have 50 amp!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Finishing Soon

Lazy Days RV
Seffner, FL

Yep, still here.  Our slide topper material came in today so they should be able to put that on tomorrow.  We were hoping to get in another visit with Sherry and David while we were here, but Gin came down with a cold a few days ago and now I have it too.  We don’t want to take any chances of giving it to David or Sherry for that matter.

We were pleasantly surprised to see several familiar faces here.  We met several couples here this past winter when we bought Tawanda and many of them were back to have service done much like us.  Don and Jinny were here.  They stay at the FamCamp at McDill Air Force Base in nearby St Pete during the winter.  They had traded in their 2011 Tiffin  for a 2012 model because the floor plan was a better fit for them.  We also made new friends this time around too.  Donna and Jack are from New York and shared some info on the parks up that way.  Sharon and Steve live in Boynton Beach FL and own a towing service (Becks).  They had their two dogs with them.  Sophie stole the show one day when she joined us in the pool.  We plan to leave Monday and meander over to the Freightliner class in Gaffney SC.

On the home front, our neighbor Mark told us that the trapper caught two beavers in the pond.  Several more traps were set out but it looks like that may have been it for now.  I hope so because we don’t need any more damage to the trees.

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.