Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We’re OK, Adios, and Anniversary

EG Simmons Park
Ruskin, FL

Where have we been?  Well, we finished up the month of July in Trenton, ME totally enjoying Acadia and the Bar Harbor area.  We will go back there again sometime.  Besides the wonderful hiking and biking, we enjoyed a puffin/whale watching tour, horse carriage ride, sunset from Cadillac Mountain, and a few other things.
We then spent a week near Moosehead Lake, ME and yes, we saw a couple of moose.  We liked it there because it’s less touristy but still touristy enough, if that makes sense.  That is where I developed an abscessed tooth that hurt like the dickens.  We decided to cut our New England trip short and head for NC so that I could get some dental work done.  My brother is a dentist and he was able to work me in nicely.  I am now a triple crown winner with three gold crowns.  I had two cracked teeth crowned (one abscess) and one preventative crown.  That took half of August and all of September which was a great time to visit with family.  It had been about 11 months since we last visited so we probably won’t go that long again.

It’s now October and we are in FL for the winter.  We had our yearly service done at Lazy Days and also had all four jacks replaced.  Thank goodness HWH covered that part.  We had always had trouble with them, but during the summer they got to the point where they would not come up without spraying them.  After talking with HWH, they said to stop spraying them so that they would fail for Lazy Days.  Thank goodness we didn’t move much because we had to pry them up every time.

We are on our way to the Keys for a few weeks.  We were lucky enough to get reservations at a State Park with some friends.  Then we plan to spend the rest of the winter in Cedar Key.  We are in the process of purchasing a lot there so it will be our winter home on a regular basis.

After this last hiatus from blogging, I have come to the conclusion that it just isn’t meant for me to blog.  There are thousands of other full-timers out there that don’t blog or do facebook, and I bet they enjoy themselves just fine.  I find myself feeling guilty if I don’t post once a month, but then I start dreading it.  Life is too short to put myself in that position.  I do plan to update Tawanda's Tracks in the next few days and keep it fairly updated.  Gin is on facebook but rarely posts also.

On a brighter note, today is our 30 year anniversary!  We don’t have a marriage certificate or wedding photos to share but we have each other.  What did we do to celebrate you ask?  Had lunch at McDonalds.  You see, when we started seeing each other, we ate there quite often.  It has been years since we actually sat down inside to eat a Big Mac and fries.  Brought back lots of memories and that’s what it’s all about!  Enjoy making memories with the one you love.

Remember to enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.  Adios amigos!