Monday, May 20, 2013

In a Nutshell and Tawanda’s Tracks

Montgomery, AL
Gunter Hill COE

Wow!  It’s been 8 months since I last posted!  I certainly didn’t intend for it to be that long, but once I wasn’t in the mood for blogging, time flew by.  I really enjoyed just living without thinking (sounds dangerous too).  Since it was mid September 2012 when I last posted, let me do a little catch up here.

The second half of September we went to Cedar Key RV Resort in Florida and surprised Dan for his 50th birthday.  The month of October was spent at Lazy Days in Tampa for the yearly service and warranty issues.  Bill and Nancy were there with their Baby too.  We all became Florida residents.

Goofing off with Tricia an Dan at the Pickled Pelican  Bill and Nancy at Lettuce Lake Park in Tampa
Happy Birthday Dan!                           Which way did they go?

November was a great month.  The first couple of weeks we were in Huntington Beach State Park in SC with the Carolina Clan.  Great bunch of friends so you know we had a great time!  The last half of the month, we were at Rainbow Springs State Park in Florida.  The spring fed river is like an aquarium.

Carolina Clan 11-2012  Carolina Clan enjoying the day on the water
The Carolina Clan… What happens at the Gathering, stays at the Gathering.

December found us back at Lazy Days to finally get our floor tiles properly fixed by replacing the slide rollers with the improved models.  We did manage to get away before Christmas and landed back at Cedar Key RV for the holiday and New Years.  January was quite busy.  The first couple of weeks, we were in Silver River State Park (FL) with a few days of Bill and Nancy.  The RV Supershow in Tampa was next and then a week at Disney with Bill, Nancy, Dan, Tricia, Bruce and Laura.

Our home exposed!  Protective mother
Open house                                       Monkeys at Silver River
Song and Dance parade at Magic Kingdom  The Group at EPCOT
Magic Kingdom                                          EPCOT

February was spent with Dan, Tricia, Bill and Nancy at Jonathan Dickenson State Park (FL) recovering from a bad virus from Disney. We all then went down to Flamingo CG in the Everglades.  Sherry and David were there also for a couple of days.  Beautiful wildlife and ecosystem. March found us at Lazy Days for a couple of weeks and then a couple of weeks at Cedar Key RV.

Crocodile at the boat ramp  Cormorant on the Anhinga Trail
Crocodile                                          Cormorant
Wood Stork eating in Eco Pond  White Pelicans and Coots on Eco Pond
Wood Stork                                         White Pelicans and Coots

April was spent in Pensacola taking care of regular doctor’s visits and doing a little bit of sightseeing.  Gin finally got new glasses so she can see those sights better.  That brings us to May.  We are presently relaxing amongst the trees in a COE park near Montgomery, AL.  We plan to work our way up the Mississippi River Valley and then the Ohio River Valley on our way to Maine for July.

Fort Pickens cannon  Water tower at Pensacola Beach
Fort Pickens                                          Pensacola Beach watertower
View of the water at site 35 Catoma Loop
Just relaxing at a COE

Well that’s what we’ve been doing for the past eight months or so, minus a lot of details.  A couple of weeks ago, I added a link on my sidebar to my other blog, Tawanda's Tracks.  It’s a general review of the campgrounds that we’ve stayed at in Tawanda.  There’s just enough info on it to remind us of what we did during our visit.  I’ll keep it updated better since there may be a few friends and family that wonder what we’re up to.  I also hope it helps folks if they are travelling in the same area and want to see  what we thought of the place.  Check it out.  I’ll also keep this blog going by posting a few times a year or whenever I feel bloggy.

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.