Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lazy Days

Lazy Days RV
Seffner, FL

We’ve been here at Lazy Days for a week now and have most of our warranty work done.  Shawn has been an excellent service advisor.  We are just waiting for some parts to come in.  We’ve spent a couple of nights in our work bay but for the most part, we have been on one of the campsites in the Crown Club area.  The people here are so nice and the grounds are beautiful and well manicured.  The squirrels can even read!
IMG_1183  Lazy Days Squirrel

We wanted to stay around here while the work is being done but it’s extra nice to be fed three times a day and have a swimming pool to lounge in.  We’ve watched the lizards around the pool do their part to control the bug population.
Lazy Days Crown Club pool
Lazy Days lizard  Lazy Days lizard

There is a sidewalk that circles around the grounds and is an excellent place for my morning walks.  We’ve enjoyed pedaling around some too.
Lazy Days shady walkway  Shady area at Lazy Days

There are many beautiful flowering bushes around here this time of year so I took these pictures to share with those of you who like flowers. (I was especially thinking of Gin’s mom, Judy)
Lazy Days bushes  Lazy Days bushes
Lazy Days bushes  Lazy Days bushes
Lazy Days bushes  Lazy Days bushes
Lazy Days bushes Lazy Days bushes
Lazy Days bushes

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Lazy Days RV
Seffner, FL

Any time you buy a new rv, you have to keep track of the little things that aren’t quite right so that the repairs can be made while under warranty.  No matter how good the rv is, there will always be something to put on that list.  A couple of the main things that we need to have fixed are the fireplace (which blew out something and almost burned) and the jacks which just aren’t coming up properly.  But the main reason we didn’t let it be known that we were coming to Lazy Days for those repairs is because we wanted to surprise Sherry and David who were staying at Lithia Springs Park.  Mission accomplished!
We did our part to help control the bug population in Florida.  Naturally, I washed off the front of Tawanda as soon as we set up on Thursday.
Love bugs in FL  IMG_1183

Friday morning after discussing things with Shawn, our service advisor, we drove over to Lithia Springs and found Winnona parked down a long driveway on a beautiful site in the jungle.  The car was gone but the MH door was open.  We sneaked down the driveway and Gin knocked on the hood to get Sherry to the door.  Surprise!!
Gin sneeking up on Winnona  Surprise Sherry!!

After a little visit with her, she called David who was out in the car.  He came back to get a big hug from us.  We certainly did surprise them!
David gets a big hug from Gin

We spent the day with them and walked around the park.  The spring was quite low but there were a few folks playing in the cool water.  We sat outside back at camp and Sherry whipped up a great pasta dish for supper.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time with these two people and hope and pray that they find the inner strength needed to fight the battle against David’s cancer.

Carpe Diem!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Highlights of Cedar Point

Lazy Days RV
Seffner, FL

That’s right…we’re still alive and we’re at Lazy Days getting some warranty items taken care of.  I didn’t want to publish our intent to come here for reasons to be disclosed in my next post.  Leave ya hangin’ on for more.

Our internet connection hasn’t been the best in the world lately but I want to share some highlights from our recent time with Nancy and Bill at Cedar Point.  Needless to say, we sat around discussing the world’s problems and came up with several viable solutions.  I just don’t know why the politicians and other powers to be don’t understand how simple the solutions are.  I bet they don’t spend any time chatting around a campfire or going camping for that matter.  We played cards, Sequence, Hand n Foot, and ladder ball.  Gin and I lost most of the time but enjoyed the friendly competition. 

There were a couple of day trip activities that were really the highlight of our time together.  We paddled on the White Oak River one day launching at Haywood’s Landing and another day, we went to Bear Island which is part of Hammock's Beach State Park.

First our river paddle.  Haywood’s Landing is about 11 miles from the campground off of Hwy 58.  You turn onto a forest service road which is gravel but in pretty good shape.  Travel another couple of miles into the woods and make a right at the stop sign.  (Yes, there’s a stop sign in the middle of the woods…for the educated deer Smile).  There is no road noise at all when you take this paddle.  After lending Bill one of our paddles, we launched our SeaEagles.  That’s right…Bill left their paddles at camp.  Nancy usually doesn’t paddle much due to her bad shoulder, but Gin got real lucky since Bill used her paddle.
Bill and Nancy on the White Oak River, NC  Bill and Nancy on the White Oak River, NC

Roamin never uses a paddle either and he really liked his spot up front between Gin’s feet.  Not a bad view of the tall grass growing at river’s edge.
Roamin enjoying the White Oak River NC  Grass on edge of White Oak River

As you can tell, there was only water and trees.  Beautiful day and very relaxing.  Not that much wildlife but there was the majestic Osprey looking for lunch and the typical turtle on a log.
Osprey looking for lunch!  Turtle on a log

Since we were well inland, we didn’t have to try and figure out the tides.  It was a very nice and relaxing paddle.  On another day, we went to Hammock’s Beach State Park in Swansboro, NC and took the passenger ferry boat ride over to Bear Island.  This was our first time there so it was an adventure indeed.  There is quite a bit of walking on the island when you get off of the ferry so I’m not real sure we would do it during the hot, humid summer.  We’re spoiled.  After a while, you approach the facilities.  There are several covered picnic tables, a bath house, and a concession stand that is open during the summer.
Approaching Facilities at Bear Island  Bath House at Bear Island

While Gin and Bill were surf fishing, Nancy and I walked towards the Bogue Inlet point of the island.  We all felt like we had the place all to ourselves.
Gin and Bill fishing at Bear Island  Bogue Inlet from Bear Island NC
Nancy on Bear Island NC

It’s an unspoiled island but they do have about a dozen tent camping sites that are right on the dunes.  You would have quite a distance to go to get to the bath house but you are the first one to see the sunrise.
Shells on Bear Island NC  Campsite #4 at Bear Island

Seagulls were plentiful but we did manage to capture a few other shorebirds.  I know Nancy took many more pictures, but here’s an Oystercatcher and a Black-bellied Plover.
Oystercatcher on Bear Island  Black-bellied Plover

It was a wonderful sun-filled day at the beach that I would gladly do again.  Put on lots of sunscreen and keep the Springtime temperatures and breezes, and I’m there!

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fun Times!

Cedar Point CG (site #36)
Cedar Point, NC

I find it hard to blog when I’m in a less than inspiring location (driveway), but I also find it difficult to tickle the keyboard when I’m in a lovely place.  I’d much rather be out there enjoying each day to it’s fullest.  Here at Cedar Point, our days have been pretty full.  To make it even harder to post a blog, we’ve got great neighbors right beside us.
Geocaching Gin and Bill  Nancy on the Tideland Trail

That’s right.  It’s Nancy and Bill!  They have heard us make good comments about this cg so they wanted to join us for a few days.  I’m sure glad they have.  In the shots above, we were on the Tideland Trail right here at the cg doing a little geocaching.  We finally found the hide…well Nancy actually found the puzzle one.  We’ve had a busy few days but we’ve had some nice relaxing times also.  The weather has been perfect for roasting veggies over the campfire and enjoying a picnic together too.
Roasting Veggies

There’s been plenty of other activities that I’ll post about later.  You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t get to it real soon but I’m just enjoying life one day at a time.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hit the Road Jack…

Cedar Point CG (site #36)
Cedar Point, NC

We stayed in the driveway a month and had only one house showing.  I thought things were supposed to pick up this time of year.  Oh well, life goes on.

I finally got the crown put on my tooth on Monday morning and Gin went to her doctor’s appointment in the afternoon.  Her doc was interested in the fulltiming lifestyle so he had no problems with the idea of keeping her prescriptions updated while she travels.  We got things packed up and left the house Tuesday morning to go to one of our favorite places to relax for a couple of weeks.  We are at Cedar Point CG which is a part of the Croatan National Forest in NC.  It’s near the beach of Emerald Isle but it’s quiet and relaxing.  After getting settled in, we got our hugs from the resident camp hosts Julie and Steve and cohost Roger.  This place feels more like home.  We just enjoyed sitting outside in our chairs.  We are in our element, so to speak.
Site #36...Cedar Point CG

Today we threw the chairs in the Suki and went to the shore for some “wave studies”.
IMG_1094 IMG_1093

Gin enjoyed getting her feet wet while I just enjoyed the stress relief.
Emerald Isle, NC  Emerald Isle, NC

We were not alone on this beautiful day.  This sanderling ran back and forth with the waves to get his own lunch, and just a few feet from our chairs stood this seagull who was waiting for us to throw him a cracker.
IMG_1103  Posing

There were quite a few people out enjoying the beach today with their kids but we just had to show you the cutest but shyest one there.  He was really enjoying walking into the wind.

We really needed this get away.  I think we may never go back.  The road awaits us.