Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Hitchhiker

Geneva, OH
Geneva State Park

Since the middle of May, we have been staying at several COE Parks and have been lucky enough to have waterfront sites.  The one in Montgomery AL was for two weeks since it had FHU.  Then we stayed at a couple of COEs in MS and even one in Nashville TN for a couple of nights.  We really enjoyed relaxing by the water.
Syl's view at Enid Lake

Tennessee is where we picked up our summer hitchhiker Pam.  She’s Gin’s cousin who recently retired and had one of those ‘big’ birthdays.  She enjoys rving and spent a little time with us last summer, so we invited her to join us for about 3 months so that she can relax and see some sites.  We have been to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky.  There are some beautiful rolling hills around the Bowling Green area.  We’ve also stayed at a variety of places; commercial park, COE, WalMart and now a State Park on Lake Erie.  That covers a lot in a little bit of time.  We plan to do quite a bit more though.

Pam and Gin at Mammoth Cave  Pam and Gin at Lost River Cave
Pam and Gin at Mammoth Cave and walking to Lost River Cave

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.