Saturday, August 28, 2010


Jordan Lake State Park
Poplar Point CG site #E95
Apex, NC

We finally got all the boats in the water late in the afternoon on Friday.  The pontoon boat was easy and then came the waverunners.  Gin’s cranked up on the first try but my battery was as dead as a frog flattened by a MH.  We left it on the trailer at the campsite and drove to Wally World to get the last battery they had in the proper size.  After it got charged, we all took a boat ride to a favorite sandy beach for a nice dip in the water.  When we got back, Gin put the battery in and we launched it.  Here’s the big boy toys all lined up together at our campsite.


Gin’s folks went back home today for a few hours since family was up from Florida so we took a ride on our waverunners.  The water wasn’t rough but the swells from the weekend boat traffic made for some splashy bumps.  This is probably our last week of riding them.  They will go on craigslist before long.  We’ll definitely sell them next summer.  Each year we can tell that we get sore a little more easily than the year before.

As we rode around, I was thinking of my history with personal watercraft.  My family had a nice lot and boathouse with a pier on Lake Gaston when I was a kid.  It’s still in the family and will always be a special place.  When I was about 12 years old, the owner of the local Kawasaki dealership rode by on a very early model.  This was around 1973.  He offered to let me take a little ride by myself.  I didn’t go far but my heart was in love.  It was only about 4 feet long and was a stand up model with a very small bench with little cushion.  Of course I asked Dad to get one for the family.  He just said you can get one when you grow up.  So I did.  Gin and I had a pair in the latter 90’s for a couple of years.  We sold them when she lost her eyesight in one eye and had mobility issues.  We missed them, so when the timing and health was right, we got this pair in 2007.  Now when we sell these, it will be on our terms and we will feel satisfied about that.

Sorry I rambled on about that.  It has been a great day in Sylville.  We relaxed around the campsite a lot while the weekenders enjoyed their time in the water and finished it up with a game of Canasta with Odie and Judy.  More good times ahead.


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

I know you hate to part with the Wave Runners, you'll never get what they are worth. But I understand how space is limited on an RV.

The best part is you can always rent some in the future and somebody else can buy the batteries.

You sure know how to have fun, thanks for sharing with us "land lubbers"! ;c)

Merikay said...

Glad you are enjoying life NOW! Those waverunners look like fun.