Friday, October 15, 2010

Brake Recall

Stix n Brix
Clayton, NC

I worked my last night shift for a while last night.  As soon as I got home, I changed clothes and cranked up the MH.  Gin and I were going somewhere...Gregory Poole for recall repairs to the brakes.  Wanda has a Workhorse chassis and they acknowledged a problem with the calipers sticking in the brakes of their MHs about a year and a half ago.  If your rig isn't driven every few days, this may lead to problems.  They finally announced that they had a fix and had made the parts to supply to the repair shops only a month or so ago.  It seems odd to have an empty driveway.  The repairs should only take a day if there are no other problems, but since we didn't get a call saying she was ready, I'm sure they ran into other problems.  This doesn't surprise me since we had some work done on the brakes this past winter.  They have over-heated a couple of times since then this season.  When we were in Myrtle Beach, I couldn't go over 45 mph because the steering wheel was shaking so bad.  It was a bit scary.  Our ABS light stays on now so I'm sure the sensor has gone bad or something.  This should all be covered by Workhorse so we'll see how it goes.  If the brakepads have excessive wear, I would have to pay for that but I wouldn't have to pay for the labor.  We'll hear from the shop next week.

After getting a good nap, Gin and I spent the day in the garage.  She was putting an e-bike kit on my bike so that I can keep up with her.  I've ridden hers a few times and it's nice to get a boost up a hill.  I'll still pedal most of the time, but I do have bad knees.  While she was doing this, I was going through several boxes of paperwork that was in the attic.  It felt nice to thin down some things, but it makes me realize how much more we need to get done this winter.  The weather has been so nice around here that it's tempting to just play and relax but we have things to do.

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy each day of your life's journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.


Merikay said...

Sorting papers is the one thing I really hate to do. If you toss something, you are sure to ned it in the future!

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Glad you're getting the brakes fixed, it sure took Workhorse long enough to own up to the problem and set up the repairs.

I'm sure you're relieved to have Wanda getting "cured". Hopefully you won't have too much out of pocket costs.

Now if you had that fancy Tour, you'd have air brakes and no sticking calipers... ;c)

Sherry said...

Also glad to hear you are getting that work done. As I said in our blog, we had to have it done on the road and were luckily near a great mechanic but the out of pocket for us was $700. Hope yours is less. Guess I'd better look up the Tour so I'll recognize you guys on the road ;-)

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Glad you can get it done. Our local shop is in dispute with Workhorse about the required hours and will not do the work and another shop we spoke with is backed up for two months and can't get parts. I think we will wait until March and hope the backlog has died down. What a hassle but have to take care of the breaks. We like the Tour too!