Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fortune Cookies; Escapees

Stix n Brix, NC

I want to give a shout-out to some recent new followers; Carol who is a gray anonymous person, Ken & Cindy who we met at the RV-Dreams Rally last April and have followed their blog ever since then, Froggi Donna who’s blog I have checked in on many times over the past year or more, Kate who has a very nice blog, and Rick & Paulette who often add comments to many blogs that I follow.

I may have mentioned it before, but I enjoy reading the little sayings in fortune cookies.  Many of them are just plain goofy but some hit home with me.  I want to share a few recent ones, and no I didn’t eat all these cookies at one time.  “A small house can hold as much happiness as a big one.”  “Happiness isn’t something you remember, it’s something you experience.”  “Peace comes from within.  Seek it from yourself.”  “Any day above ground is a good day.”  I especially like that last one.  Smile

This past week, we took a formal step towards full-timing.  We joined Escapees.  I think every any-timer and full-timer should join them for a period of time.  We haven’t taken too many other steps towards our goal lately.  It’s just easier to hibernate during the winter plus we are adjusting to this new schedule.  Well there’s a good football game on tv so I’ll sign off for now.

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.


Jim and Dee said...

I'm still reading and following, just don't post much. It's getting closer to the goal. We'll be back in Cary in April, hope to see you again.

Merikay said...

I have always liked fortune cookies too. I feel cheated when the saying isn't really fortune however.

Donna aka Froggi said...

Welcome to Escapees from lifetime member #48337. ;-)

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

We joined Escapees, too last year. Now we have to give you Escapee hugs at the rally in April, that's a requirement. :c)

Loved the fortune cookie sayings, they highlight your positive attitudes towards your upcoming fulltiming. Life sometimes gives you little hints that you're on the right path.

Carol and Johnny said...

I don't mean to be grey and anonymous... Just can't figure how to get a picture added... lol

Sherry said...

I'm with Carol about getting the picture added. Maybe she could tell me how to do it.

I'd love to know what made you join escapees and whether you guys are going to join anything else like Coast to Coast or the others. Hoping Howard will have a "session" on these things and I can hear about everyone's experiences.