Tuesday, March 15, 2011

RV Ready?

Stix n Brix
Clayton, NC

Welcome to our newest follower, Deborah who has a wonderful blog and is going through a very busy time right now.  She recently retired and they will soon close on the sale of their home so they can start the fulltime life that so many of us are looking forward to.  They are going to the RV-Dreams Rally in April so we hope to meet them there.

We've spent a little bit of time in the MH the past couple of days.  Even though it was in our driveway, it still felt good.  This past weekend while I was at work, Gin spent some time out there working on the big windows.  A couple of years ago she put some reflective dark film on the windows.  We like the darkness but not the reflectivity so she has taken that off.  She's also replacing the blinds in there.  She's so gifted.  I took the time to go through the kitchen and rearrange some things.  I think that we will be able to put enough cookware in there so that we won't starve.  ;)

This coming weekend there is an RV show in Raleigh.  We plan to go so that we can get some more motivation.  We certainly can't think about buying anything new but it doesn't hurt to dream.  There's no problem getting motivated to get in the MH but rather to get the house ready to put on the market.  We sold our other house 12 years ago with it being listed for only a few weeks.  The market is not the same now and neither is the way houses are shown.  I'm sure the agent will want to put it on the internet with "staged" pictures to make it look like it's in a magazine.  I hate that.  We've gotten rid of some of our furniture and wall hangings  already so I'm not sure what magazine it would represent.  I still have positive thoughts about the housing market here.  We are in a good location so I think it'll sell shortly after I retire.  Darn.  That reminds me.  I've got to go to work in the morning...

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy each day of your life's journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.


Merikay said...

Going to a number of open houses in our area has motivated me to continue with the complete repainting and fixing up of our big old house.

All the opens were like model homes and made me feel like I lived in a dump.

I called into a radio show a few months back and asked if it was better to spend the money on fixing up or try to sell as a fixer upper. I was told that buyers want everything done!

We will be retired at the end of the year. What eve isn't done by then, won't get done!

Mel said...

Just found your blog today and enjoyed reading about your plans. I'm in NC too, dreaming of full-timing and looking to buy that first rig in early 2012.

Karen and Al said...

I found that what looked good in the house didn't necessarily look good in the photos.

I opted to take the photos myself, after looking at some listings where they showed things like trash cans or shampoo bottles. I knew my pictures would be taken with more care and that I'd keep taking them until I got it right.

What I did was get a room "ready" and then snap a picture. Sometimes I found that some of the decor didn't translate well to the picture, so I'd remove it. Those same items look good in person,just not in the photo. You can start taking some of those pics early and you can "see" the room with different eyes in a picture.

Myrddin said...

Our son just sold his house in Apex after being on the market only about 6 months. I hope yours sells just a quickly. I think the housing market is better in your area than in most other areas of the country.

See you at the rally.

Good Luck,

Jim and Linda

Myrddin said...

Our son just sold his house in Apex after being on the market only about 6 months. I hope yours sells just a quickly. I think the housing market is better in your area than in most other areas of the country.

See you at the rally.

Good Luck,

Jim and Linda

Travelwithwhippets said...

Good luck with the sale of your house and have fun at the RV show.

Malone said...

Staged photos are even less than a pain the living in a "staged" house! I had to do that last year when Mo and I were trying to sell the Manufactured home I lived in back in California. The market has definitely changed. Good luck!

Sherry said...

I know you'll both have fun at the RV show. Let us know what you like. When I went in Richmond in February, I didn't see a thing that I liked better than Winnona. That was a good feeling. But we had fun looking anyway.

I'm counting downt the days with you. Can't wait until you get under 100. Don't know how you did all those shift changes.

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Staging does not have to be a bad thing. We have sold 3 houses all in a short time after putting them on the market. And yes, we "staged" them. However, we stage to show off what we love about our homes so that people can easily see themselves enjoying all the things that we enjoy so much- food, entertaining, relaxing.... whatever is you and your home. Highlight that in your staging and it will not be uncomfortable to live in.

Deborah said...

Thanks for your kind words about my crazy times and blog....
Unfortunately, my retirement only lasted one-and-a-half weeks, and I jumped back in to help with a project. I have been too busy to update my blog! But, by the time I meet you all at the rally, I will be retired and fulltiming! I look forward to seeing you in Tennessee!

Cruzin2some said...

It might be a lot of work getting it ready for the market but won't it feel good when it sales!!!!

Hope it doesn't take long to sell and hope our sales FAST too.

Travel Safe
Dawn and Denise