Monday, June 20, 2011

Internet Finds

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Clayton, NC

I want to welcome our newest followers, Sara who has a blog and is anticipating going fulltime in a couple of years and Doyle and Terri who are living historians and have several blogs.

I have been following several blogs over the past few years and wanted to share with my readers some of the interesting sites and information that I have recently found.  Most everyone in the rv blog world is familiar with RV-Dreams.  It is a great site set up by Howard and Linda who are some of the nicest folks in the world.  I recently discovered Wheelingit which is Nina and Paul’s blog.  It is chock full of information too.  Both of these sites do wonderful campground reviews when rvparkreviews isn’t quite enough.  Laurie and Odel have a wonderful blog and have set up a separate blog reviewing the campgrounds where they have stayed.  There are other bloggers who have done this and I may do it also when we finally hit the road to help us remember where we’ve been.  Another site that Gin likes for "techie" stuff is Jack Mayer.

One of the things that I have often thought would be helpful is a central website for all of the National Parks, National Forests, COE Parks, State Parks and other public campgrounds.  I’m not talking about Reserve America either.  Well Nina had a link to US campgrounds that looks like it may be very helpful in our trip planning.

Other things that I have gleaned from my reading but you may want to double check before accepting as fact pertain to State Parks.  Some Ohio State Parks accept Passport America discounts.  Alabama State Parks offer monthly rates during the winter.  They also offer senior/disabled discounts.  Arkansas State Parks offer half price for disabled persons.  Louisiana State Parks may honor the National Park Senior/Access Pass.  You may have to be a resident to get some of these great discounts.

Many State Parks add a day use fee per person along with the cg fees.  If they offer an annual Park Pass like Texas does, it will offset this added fee after a few uses.  New Mexico State Parks offers an annual Camping Permit so that you don’t really have to pay for camping.  You pay a small fee for electricity only.  If you stay in their parks, it’ll pay for itself in 23 days.

These tidbits of information can help stretch a buck and the blogs and websites are definitely worth checking out.  Anyone else want to share some of their great internet finds?

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.


Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

That USCampgrounds site looks like it could be amazing! I can hardly wait to spend some time on it :)


Anonymous said...

Cheers for the mention, and lovely to discover your blog! I'll be looking forward to your journey as you start on the road!

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Great links! Good idea!

I like The host lists dozens of full timer RV blogs using all kinds of RVs.

You can get a feel for the lifestyle, see and learn about great places to go and also the good, the bad and the ugly of FT RV living.

Jim and Dee said...

Wow, great blog. Lots of useful stuff, we'll take anything we can get at this point. Thanks for the great post. I see it's 41 more days, that's getting close!!!

Sherry said...

Thanks for the great information Syl. Wish I had something more to contribute but you mentioned the ones I am familiar with.

41 days!! Whoo Hooo I'm counting with you.

Anybody looking at the house???

Nancy and Bill said...

Great will be so helpful!!

Here are a couple for folks that enjoy some of the following:

Bicycling: Rails to Trails, converted railroad tracks

Scenic Highways: America's Byways



Can't wait to check out the links you gave us. Thanks!!!

Sherry said...

Just thinking about Howard & Linda and Odell & Laurie and wondering how in the world they have the time to do such detailed blogs AND do the great campground reviews.

I always feel like I should add to RVparkreviews since I use it a lot and feel guilty. Guess I need to do something about that. :-)