Thursday, September 8, 2011

Carolina Clan

Cheraw State Park (site #15)
Cheraw, SC

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while (not really), but we’ve been busy.  After a little more than a week at the house, we had to get back on the road for a while.  When we went to the RV-Dreams Rally last April, a group of us from NC and SC had decided to get together some time in September and enjoy a few days together.  We all enjoy nature and kayaking on calm waters, and Nancy and Bill knew of a perfect place; Cheraw State Park in Cheraw SC.  It’s a small cg (only 17 sites) and it’s on a calm lake.  There is a golf course on the other side of Lake Juniper but I don’t think anyone made it over there for that. 

The first to arrive were Gail and Rick who got here on Tuesday.  We arrived on Wednesday along with Paul and Jill and Dan and Tricia.  Others arrived later for a total of 7 couples on site and another couple (Steve and Evin) who have ordered a new rig, staying nearby.  Here’s our site #15 right on the water and the views from our spot.  As always, if you click the pic, it gets bigger.


IMG_0578  IMG_0580

This is definitely our kind of place with the squirrels running around and the water lilies blooming.  Too bad the hydrila is thick in the water.

IMG_0583  IMG_0582

Most of us were here on Thursday and decided to take a paddle on the lake.  It narrows a bit near the headwaters and the Cypress trees grow in the middle of the water.  It’s really a nice place, but swimming isn’t really allowed.  Here’s Roamin P. Duck keeping an eye on Ray and Kris and Gin chatting with Dan and Tricia near the spillway.

IMG_0586  IMG_0585

All of the inflatable kayaks are different models of Sea Eagles.  Paul and Jill are ready to row and so are Gail and Rick.

IMG_0587  IMG_0588

And one last shot of the group as we get our oars wet.


I didn’t take many pictures because I couldn’t keep pace if I stopped.  There were a ton of water lilies and this Egret is just walking in a very thick batch of those lilies.

IMG_0591  IMG_0592

After getting a bite of supper, we all met at site #11 for a campfire.  That’s Nancy and Bill’s site but they aren’t scheduled to arrive until Friday.  We just had to initiate the place with multiple outbursts of laughter.

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.


Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

We have had such a good time :)

I worked on my blog all afternoon too, but I'm nowhere close.

We are both really looking forward to next year!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Looks like a great spot. Hope you guys have a blast!

Merikay said...

Sure looks like a nice place to meet up with nice people!

Nancy and Bill said...

We hated to leave and can't wait to get together again!! What a FUN TIME!!

Keep blogging...we will catch up with ours eventually ;o((

Sherry said...

What a GREAT blog Syl! Beautiful pictures. Makes me SOOOOO wish I'd been there. I could use about a ton of laughter.

thanks thanks thanks