Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cedar Point Tideland Trail and Another Small World

Cedar Point CG (site #37)
Croatan National Forest
Cedar Point, NC

There is a nice hiking trail right beside the cg here that has been cleared out nicely after last month’s Hurricane Irene.  It’s wide enough to enjoy a bike ride to get away from the many mosquitoes.


There are about five bridges to walk over the marshy areas.  I’m not real sure if it’s legal to fish from them, but I doubt that he was catching anything.

IMG_0650 IMG_0652

The trail makes a loop so that you come out at the beginning point and is a little more than a mile long.  I didn’t walk the whole thing because the mosquitoes were horrendous.  I learned from Sherry that it’s ok to follow the same trail back because you see the same things from a different angle.  Here’s an example.  This bird feeding station was recently added to the trail.  See how different it looks.

IMG_0653   IMG_0651

This little fella was glad that the squirrel guard was working.  He wasn’t much bigger than the mosquitoes that threatened to carry me away.


There is also a shallow boat launch right here that will handle kayaks very nicely.  A small jon boat would be ok at high tide.

A little closer look at the sentry on the far post…


We are in site #37 which is the last site in the cg.  It is becoming one of our favorite sites because you have a private patio area and it is close to a water spigot.  I enjoyed relaxing with Smudge after checking out the trail.

IMG_0641  IMG_0636

On Friday after taking Wanda to freshen up at the dump station, the neighbors across the road asked Gin to help them with their vuqube satellite dish receiver.  They had noticed that we had ours on the roof and they were having trouble getting reception on theirs.  While chatting with them, it was discovered that they not only live near Clayton but they actually live in our subdivision!  They live two cul de sacs from us.  They have noticed that Wanda hasn’t been in the driveway as much as usual while walking their dogs.  Bill and Judy have had truck campers in the past but got a nice 5er this year and enjoy it a lot.  Another small world moment in the rving lifestyle.

We will leave here soon to go to Rocky Mount for a few days.  Gin’s mom is having surgery this week so we will help out in whatever way we can.

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.


Nancy and Bill said...

Love when those "small world" moments happen:o))

Hope all goes well for Gin's mom and glad you two can be there to help out.

We love walking both ways on a trail as well... it is so interesting how the view does change!!

Sherry said...

Hahahaha about the bird feeder!!
Glad Nancy agrees with me.

Shouldn't you be out in the yaks to avoid those pesky blood suckers???

Amazing to meet your neighbors from stix and brix in the campground.

Best wishes to Gin's mom!

Mike and Terri said...

Wow -- that really is a small world moment to meet your neighbors at the campground!

Glad you two can be with Gin's mom this week. Hope everything goes well with her surgery.

Laurie and George said...

When do those pesky buzzers stop buzzing!? I know up here in the frozen north, we look forward to colder weather, so they go away. Not so much the snow tho :)

heyduke50 said...

just past by rocky mount and hanging out in myrtle beach for about10 days...

Travelwithwhippets said...

What a relaxing place. Loved the picture of Smudge and Syl. Thanks for sharing.

Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

I can see why that's one of your favorite places. It looks so calm and relaxing. And so do you and Smudge! :)

Good luck to Gin's mom. Hope everything goes well.

Ron and Cyndi said...

We love that trail. We saw a heard of deer on it one time. We're thinking of you and Gin's family this week and hoping all goes well with her surgery. Amazing, you had two "small world" experiences these past two weeks. It makes me appreciate the beauty in the ordinary even more. Cyndi

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

I glad yout 'splained the rules of trail hiking, it's nice to know you can walk out the way you came in. I was worried I'd run into the trail hiking police and get a ticket.

It's amazing you met your neighbors at the campground, it really is a small world! :c)

Dan and Tricia said...

We loved that trail! Walked it quite a few times. Prayers and thoughts are with you all and best wishes for a speedy recovery for Gin's Mom.