Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What day is it?

Lazydays Workbay #151
Seffner Fl

It’s all blending together.  On Friday, we signed the paperwork on our new mh TAWANDA! and it was delivered to the buddy site in the afternoon.  We spent much of the next five days moving things over.  It took us about five years to get things just right in Wanda so that was a lot of stuff!
Buddy site at Lazydays Buddy site at Lazydays

The first thing that was transferred was the special present that my niece Marie made for us.  It's a life-size magnet of Smudge so that she will always be with us.
Smudge magnet  :)

We got a lot done on Saturday and took a little break on Sunday.  Bill, Nancy, Sherry and David came over from Hillsborough River SP.  David had made a cherry pie for the occasion from scratch.  It was delicious!  Howard and Linda dropped by for a quick visit also and I think everyone liked Tawanda.  Smile
Sherry, Gin, Bill, and Nancy in new Tawanda

We went back to work on Monday and got just about everything piled into Tawanda, inside and out.  It took more time on Tuesday to actually find a place to put stuff though.  It’s amazing that a 33 foot mh holds so much stuff that you can barely fit it into a 40 footer.

We were inspired to check out Lazydays in part because of Karen and Al's experience with them when they bought their mh this past summer.  They are staying in Zephyrhills and were able to come by for a visit.  I have followed her blog for a while now and it was great to finally meet them.  I was so tired that I‘m afraid that I forgot to get any photos.  I know that I need to get my header changed soon too, but I’m thinking of doing a few other changes also.

We are in the workbay area for the next couple of nights because Lazydays is giving Tawanda a nose job.  When you buy a nice DP from them, they treat you like royalty.  They really don’t want us to leave until everything is perfect.  There was some baked-on bug splat on the front Diamond Shield so they are painting and replacing it.  The floor is ceramic tile and there are a couple of cracked ones.  They are replacing them also.  A few other things need to be corrected too so it will be a few more days before we leave here.  That’s ok though since they feed us very well at the Crown Club.  We’re getting spoiled since they treat us like queens.  Smile 

Here are a few shots of the interior.  If you see stuff laying around, just over look it.  We finally got most of it put away.
Tawanda's livingroom  Syl in new Tawanda
Kitchen in new Tawanda Tawanda's bed

If you’re wondering about our house closing, well let’s just say that I’m glad we went ahead and got the loan here.  We got word today that the closing will be February 15.  The mortgage lender needed a few weeks to do their paperwork.  I told our realtor that it will go back on the market if they don’t meet that date.  This time of year is usually a slow housing market so we’ll hold on to this buyer.

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.


Merikay said...

Very nice new rig. I like the fireplace and the cabinets.
I have seen some with really dark wood, and like it a bit lighter. Yours seems rich, but not too dark.


Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

She's a beauty :) Really love the TV/Fireplace wall. So cozy.

Sorry to hear your closing has been pushed out further. That really stinks but they know they have you over a barrel and you have no choice.
Hope this date sticks.

Congratulations on Tawanda! Love her!

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Your interior of Tawanda is so big maybe Howard can hold the next RV Dreams Rally in it! ;c)

Enjoy it, it's been a long time coming and you deserve to have this wonderful new home.

Karen and Al said...

Enjoy your stay at "Bayview" while Tawanda is getting her nose job!

Ron and Cyndi said...

Twanda is just beautiful! We know you are so excited to be moving in and finding all the extra storage your have now. Thanks for sharing the photos and your experience with getting to this point in your fulltime lifestyle. Sure hope you get back to Cedar Point one day...we can't wait to visit you again.

Travelwithwhippets said...

Tawanda looks great! We had issues with the Diamond Shield on our MH, too. We had baked on bugs and mold that had creeped underneath. Dianne and I ended up pealing it all off. We have heard that the new product is better, so it is great that they are replacing it. Just an FYI.

We are so happy for the two of you!

Allen and Lolita DuGuay said...

Like your floor plan in Twanda and your choice of wood color. Beautiful Rig. Thanks for sharing your Lazy Daze experience so far. We have been thinking about visiting the Tucson location for a possible purchase. Nice magnet of Smudge.

Dan and Tricia said...

Tawanda looks very very cozy! Can't wait to meet her and see you both. Survivor is starting soon!

Jim and Dee said...

What a gorgeous MH! I'm so glad you didn't back out in getting it. We're hoping to see you soon. Have a great time and safe travels.

Cathy said...

Hairy Butt Bruce & Cathy (Tricia's sister) enjoyed meeting you at Cheraw and seeing you at Huntington Beach. Tawanda looks great! When Survivor starts, you have to root for the chick from Charleston. Have fun wandering around.

Sherry said...

Great Pictures of TAWANDA! We loved coming to her coach warming party. Wishing you a very smooth path to full timing. Please keep in touch.

Sue Malone said...

Did you really say 33 feet? That is truly amazing. Hard to believe I am looking at a motorhome, everything is so roomy and luxurious, looks like a great big fiver in there. The absolute Best!! Beautiful!!!

Mike and Terri said...

Tawanda is a beauty! So many nice features. I'm really envious of that huge refrigerator!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Sure looks like a great new home:)

USNRET said...

Gin and Syl,
Congrats on the new home. I have been following your blog for about the last 03 months and know ya'l are happy to reach this point. I and my wife hope to reach "Sylville" in the near future.

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful and so homey and big! Can't wait to meet here and see you guys!

Seems delayed house closings are the norm these days. Hang in there!

Bruce and Laura

Ron and Joan said...

Wow... Tawanda is GORGEOUS! Sorry we were too late getting to Hillsborough River SP to meet up with you guys. Hopefully we'll meet up somewhere else or at a RV-Dreams rally!