Thursday, March 1, 2012

Time “Marches” On

Rocky Mount, NC

A week has gone by but we’ve still been busy.  On Friday I decided to wax as much as I could.  I took a very nice break in the afternoon however since we had guests.  Nancy and Bill dropped by for a little visit while on their way to Raleigh to take some of their furniture to their daughter’s house.  It’s nice to be able to do that since they have emptied out the house and will soon go to Tampa to get their new MH.

I pushed myself real hard on Saturday and finished waxing Tawanda (all but her rear end which had the bikes in the rack).  It was very windy and cold but we were leaving on Sunday to stay with Gin’s parents in Rocky Mount so I worked 10 hours with only a short lunch break.  I like to have some protection on the paint, not just a good shine.

We have stayed in their house while Tawanda is parked a half a block away on a dead end street.  We walk to it a couple of times a day to run the generator for a couple of hours.  I guess the residential refrigerator uses up quite a bit of the battery bank.  While we’ve been here the past several days, Gin has gone to the doctor for an ear infection, and we have hung up curtain rods and pictures for her folks.  When we helped them move in a few months ago, it was just the basics.  They have a beautifully decorated home now.  It has been nice to spend time with them again of course, and some of Gin’s extended family have come over to check out Tawanda.

Today Gin and I went to Garner for my appointment with the Periodontist.  I had a crown lengthening procedure.  He basically cut my gums back around my tooth and filed off a little bit of bone so that my crown will have more tooth to adhere to.  I have 3 stitches and my mouth is very tingly.  Tomorrow morning we are hitting the road to go visit my family and introduce Tawanda to some of them.  My brother’s birthday is Saturday so Mom is gathering us together.  It will be good to see everyone again!

Life is what you make of it…so make it count!


Mike and Terri said...

I'll bet Tawanda's real purty after her wax job. Even purtyer than before!

Your appointment today sounds rather. . . unpleasant. Hope when the tingling wears off there's minimal to no pain.

Dan and Tricia said...

Whew - you guys have been busy! Yuck on the ear infection and the teeth work. Family times are good times! Enjoy!

Nan said...

You could come wax our rig! Have fun with family.

Karen and Al said...

The Periodontist appointment doesn't sound like fun....good luck!

Nancy and Bill said...

Nice that you are getting time with the family!!

Not so nice that you have to have the dental work done:o((

Thanks for taking time out of your waxing to visit. Tawanda really looks pretty!!

Hope you get all the ears and teeth fixed, the house sold and we can meet up soon for some biking and paddling;o))

Russ Krecklow said... get paid how much for doing all this waxing? I'd pay you if you wanted to come up here to Oregon and wax our motorhome! It's been way too cold, or I'm way too old, or maybe both!!

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Owww! That almost tooth issue sounds more painful than waxing a motorhome!

Sherry said...

Glad to hear everything went well for you. But it makes me grit my teeth just to think about it. Oooouuch!! Keep up the ice cream therapy!

Not so happy to hear about Gin's infections. Only one medical problem at a time per couple please.

Glad to hear Tawanda is a hit with Gin's family as I'm sure she will be with yours. How could she not!!
She's a BABE!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Ouch- hope you both heal quickly! Enjoy spending time with family.

Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

Hope you're both back to normal real soon.
That wax job sounds very tedious. Rick is contemplating doing the same thing. I think he should hire someone to do it. Want a job???? :)