Friday, June 1, 2012

Finishing Soon

Lazy Days RV
Seffner, FL

Yep, still here.  Our slide topper material came in today so they should be able to put that on tomorrow.  We were hoping to get in another visit with Sherry and David while we were here, but Gin came down with a cold a few days ago and now I have it too.  We don’t want to take any chances of giving it to David or Sherry for that matter.

We were pleasantly surprised to see several familiar faces here.  We met several couples here this past winter when we bought Tawanda and many of them were back to have service done much like us.  Don and Jinny were here.  They stay at the FamCamp at McDill Air Force Base in nearby St Pete during the winter.  They had traded in their 2011 Tiffin  for a 2012 model because the floor plan was a better fit for them.  We also made new friends this time around too.  Donna and Jack are from New York and shared some info on the parks up that way.  Sharon and Steve live in Boynton Beach FL and own a towing service (Becks).  They had their two dogs with them.  Sophie stole the show one day when she joined us in the pool.  We plan to leave Monday and meander over to the Freightliner class in Gaffney SC.

On the home front, our neighbor Mark told us that the trapper caught two beavers in the pond.  Several more traps were set out but it looks like that may have been it for now.  I hope so because we don’t need any more damage to the trees.

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.


Sherry said...

I'm so sorry you got the cold Syl and really sorry we won't get to see you again. But we do appreciate your consideration of David's health even if it means we are deprived of your wonderful company. Hope everything goes well with Tawanda and you are feeling tip top in time to get on off to school. You sure are GREAT friends.

Dan and Tricia said...

Boo on the colds but yeah that your work is almost complete! Glad to hear about the beavers. Now get done with that Freightliner class so you can start meandering your way to PA. We miss you both!

Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

Hope you're both feeling better very soon. Spring/Summer colds are the worst.
Have fun at Camp Freightliner! I have my "I Survived Camp Freightliner" pin proudly displayed on my little kitchen bulletin board :) I gave Rick my hat :)
Safe travels to Gaffney...check out the water tower...supposed to be a peach.

Nancy and Bill said...

Glad the warranty work is almost finished. We will be living for Buck Hall on Monday...then on to Freightliner school!! Get well so you do not have any excuse as to why you are going to lose the card games;o)) LOL

See you SOON!!!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Those Beavers can be destructive. Glad they got them.