Saturday, July 13, 2013

Group Bike Ride

Trenton, ME
Narrows Too RV Resort

(The next several posts will be based on my general recollections 
so there won’t be any details.  It’s actually August 21 as I type this.)

After enjoying an active day of hiking, we all decided to pile in to Bill and Nancy’s Tahoe and ride over to Schoodic Peninsula for the day.  It was dreary and overcast but the beauty there still shown through.

Schoodic Peninsula ride on a cloudy day  Lighthouse at Acadia NP

Lobster boat  Family checking lobster pots

We all went on a bike ride on the Carriage Trails in Acadia.  Bill and Nancy put Pam’s bike in the back of their Tahoe along with theirs.  They then put Tricia and Dan’s bike rack on the hitch.  Tricia and Dan rode with us and Pam.  We all made it to the Visitor’s Center parking lot just fine.  The toughest part of the bike ride was the first half mile because it was so steep.  We all had to push our bikes a bit to get to a more level trail.

Riding the Carriage Trails of Acadia NP  Pam, Gin and Syl on the Carriage Trail in Acadia
Pedal Power!                                     Pam, Gin and Syl taking a break

These Carriage Trails are a great way to see Acadia.  Rockefeller worked closely with the construction crew with the design and engineering of the roads and the 17 bridges throughout the park.  He wanted to keep cars away from this beautiful land as much as possible.  We took a break at one of those bridges and admired the work first hand.

Pam and Gin on a Carriage Trail Bridge  Carriage Trail bridge over a stream

After the bike ride, we rode to the Loop Road and found a place along the rocks overlooking the ocean to enjoy a picnic lunch.  The views are absolutely stunning!  The photos do not do it justice!

Gin, Tricia and Pam  Gin and Tricia eating lunch
Nancy relaxing  Syl and Gin at Acadia
Stunning Views!

Rock climbers  Thunder Hole at Acadia NP

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.


Dan and Tricia said...

I really don't think that I would ever tire of the views at Acadia! Great memories!

Bill and Nancy said...

Yep, that 1/2 mile hill was a killer...but the views once we got up the hill were worth the work. I do not think you can enter Acadia anywhere and not have a gorgeous view...they are everywhere!!!