Tuesday, March 9, 2010

32 to 42

Stix n Brix

Sunday was a busy day for us.  Our 32 foot MH became a 42 foot MH.  No, we didn’t trade her in.  That’ll come later.  We washed her.  She sure needed it.  We were so sore that evening.  I couldn’t even hold my arms up to type a post.  First, I climbed on top and washed it with a brush and a bucket of soapy water.  Boy that was some dirty water when I finished.  Then we did the sides.  Gin used the power washer to put the soapy water on, I scrubbed the sides with the soft brush, and then she power washed the dirty soapy water off.  It took us over 3 hours to do it, but Wanda sure looks much better.

That’s not all we’ve been up to lately though.  I’ve been at work and Gin’s been busy getting things ready to go.  She has replaced a bad converter and put in a nicer shower head among other things.  This time of year, we get a little stir-crazy.  I’m sure a lot of people get a bad case of hitch-itch.  We also got a nice new camera to get familiar with.  It’s a Canon Rebel EOS T1i  with a 55-250 zoom lens.  We’re going to Murrell’s Inlet, SC in a few days, and we are looking forward to it.  Brookgreen Gardens is just across Hwy 17.  Hopefully, we can check it out and get some pics.  Our main plan of action is relaxing and enjoying some time in Sylville.

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