Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tour 40CD

 Stix n Brix NC

Yesterday we took the MH back to the shop to have the slidetoppers tightened up a little.  The longer one over the living area slide was quite loose.  I noticed it held a little water when we washed the rig.  When we went to Murrells Inlet SC, a gentle rain fell the night before our departure so that when I closed the slide, enough water came out to drown and army.  The service manager said that they tightened them up but Winnebago doesn't put much of a pitch on the toppers so they will hold water sometimes.  I hope it's better.  I guess we'll find out next time it rains while we're camping.

We had to wait only a few minutes while they did this so what do you do at a dealer other than check out the new rigs.  :)  They have a nice Winnebago Tour 40CD on the lot so we sat in there for a while.  The link shows the actual MH.  We could live in that DP quite comfortably.  It is a bath and a half floor plan with a washer/dryer.  It's a new layout for 2010.  Maybe in a couple of years we can find a gently used one that is priced right for us.  In the meantime, our 2004 Brave 32V suits us just fine.  Wanda's paid for and has many good years ahead of her.

This is the week that the office is finally moving at work.  I'm on night shift so I haven't had to deal with the actual packing much.  The only thing is, I just don't know which office to go to.  I'll call in just before I leave the house.  It'll help to make the next 16 months go by a little faster to have a change of location and slightly different duties. 

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Merikay said...

I am looking forward to checking out different MH in May at a big RV show coming to our area. I'm inclined to want something in the 32 range because we want to do a lot of traveling in the first year or two.

Any suggestions as to what to watch for are appreciated.