Monday, February 20, 2012

Back Home?

Clayton, NC

We left Crooked River SP on Saturday and drove about 300 miles to Dillon, SC and pulled in at Bass Lake CG which participates in Passport America.  FHU 50Amp for under $18 ain’t bad.  The sites are quite reasonably sized and there’s a pond on site to soak in a bit of nature.  It’s only drawback is the noise from I95 but it offers a convenient on/off from the Interstate.
Bass Lake RV CG...Dillon SC  Bass Lake RV CG Pond...Dillon SC

After seeing the weather report for Sunday, we decided to stay put one more night since they take the PPA discount for up to 3 nights.  No need to drive in the cold rain if you don’t have to.  We just took advantage of the FHU and washed a couple loads of clothes and vegged out in front of the TV.  We arrived here in the driveway around 1:00 today and Tawanda sure does take a lot more room than Wanda did!  Our neighbors Mark and Kelly came over to check out our new home and we got the same reaction from them as from most other folks…”Wow!”  As I like to say, it’s our home, not a camper.

So I’ve driven Tawanda now for about 700 miles and have gotten quite used to how she handles on the Interstate.  I’ve driven her a few miles in smaller towns while in Florida too.  It’s a much smoother ride than a gas MH so it can be driven further without fatigue.  Gin props her feet up in the co-pilot recliner and relaxes as we drift on down the road.  I did have to make the first stop for fuel while in SC at a FlyingJ.  I went to the “Big Boy” fuel islands and the diesel pumps faster there.  300 bucks flowed in pretty fast.  It will be interesting when it’s time for me to put DEF in since that tank is on the passenger side.  I may have to use a hose from the neighboring island.  As always, I’ll learn as I go.

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.


Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

Love those high pressure hoses but they tend to give a lot of foam and you're not as full as you thought :)
Small price to pay though.
Can't help with the urea. We don't have to do that :)
Bet it seems strange to be back home. Hope that it's a very short stay.

Sherry said...

Glad you made it home safely.
Sorry your're there.
Wish you were here.
Hope all goes well for you tomorrow
and that buyers get the word a great house is back on the market.

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

You will figure it out. Glad you made it back to NC OK but wish you were headed our way. Fingers Crossed that the house moves quickly.

Ron and Cyndi said...

I think you do a great job writing your blog. I continue to enjoy reading and learning from it. Thank you again for sharing your full time RVing experiences. I read a lot of RV blogs and yours is one of my favorites. We're keeping our fingers crossed you see that "Sold" sign on your front lawn soon.

Sue Malone said...

diesel talk is beyond me, but I sure do love love love that gorgeous header photo, all the most important things are right there! Home, Honey's, bikes, and kayaks and a car to get around. Doesn't get any better than that!

Nancy and Bill said...

Glad to see the 'Pelicans' got back to the house without an problems;o)) Kind of nice that you take your nest wherever you need to stop living in your NEW home!!!

We hope this is such a short stop for you that we don't have time to touch base. However, we will arrange to visit when come to Raleigh...if you're still there?!?!

We have fingers and toes cross that the right buyers finds you in a big hurry!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well with the house. Just look at Nancy and Bill's situation and it gives you hope. The market definitely seems to be improving......

Hang tight.....

Bruce and Laura

Mike and Terri said...

Prayers continue for a quick sale of your home. We want you out here with us!!

Dan and Tricia said...

Glad you made it back safe and sound but sure do wish you were in FL! Sell house sell!

Jim and Dee said...

So glad to see you made it back home ok. I hope you aren't there very long.

We stop at Bass Lake when going back and forth from Fl to Raleigh. We really like that park.