Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bike Rack, Visits and Strawberries

Lazydays (site CD97)
Seffner, Fl

It seems that we did absolutely nothing on Monday because neither one of us can recollect anything now.  It’s good to have days like that every once in a while.  Gin was still getting over her cold I guess.

On Tuesday we went to Camping World and bought a new bike rack.  It’s a lot like the one we had but will be more secure between the MH and the toad.  After we put it together and put it on the hitch, we took a bike ride around the grounds.  We got a call from Jim who is the voice of the MH Emrys.  He and his friend Denny were at the nearby Camping World so we pedaled over there to chat and invite them back to see Tawanda!  I have followed Jim’s blog for a number of years because he gives an interesting twist on the daily life of a fulltime rver.  We also got a call from Tiffany who said that our window awnings had come in so they would take the MH to the work bay in the morning.

We got up early today so that they could get started.  We were homeless for the day so we visited Don and Jinny whose Tiffin is still in a work bay.  They hope everything is done soon so that they can visit with family and friends this weekend.  Then we drove over to Southern Aire RV Park to visit with Jim and Linda and see their long MH.  It’s a 45’ 2000 Newmar Londonaire.  That’s right…45 feet long!  They got it this past summer and it’s a very nice home.
Emry's at Southern Aire Jim and Linda

After our visit with them, we drove over to Parkesdale Farms which is near Plant City on Hwy 92 about 5 miles east of LD.  We had heard that they have some very fresh delicious strawberry shortcake we had to try.  They have any kind of plant and fresh vegetable there that you could want.  A little soft-serve ice cream on the berries was great too.

There is one last thing to be done tomorrow (replace a small light fixture) and then we hope to leave tomorrow afternoon.  It’s really been nice here since there are several huge Live Oaks with Spanish Moss draping down from the limbs, but we are ready to ride around a little bit before we head back to NC.

Life is what you make of it…make it count.


Jim and Dee said...

When you're at Lazy Days you just never know how long you'll be there. Sounds like you're very close to leaving. We'll follow along in your travels with Tawanda.

Jim and Linda said...

It sure was good to see you guys again. You've got a beautiful home there.

Thanks for stopping by to see our MH, you made Emrys very happy.

See ya down the road,


Jim and Linda

Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

Love your new header picture :)

Good luck finishing up there. Will be waiting to hear about your life on the road :)

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Wow, your header picture with Tawanda is beautiful.

Tawanda is so beautiful I'm going to have to dress up each time I read your blog!

Mike and Terri said...

Jim and Linda are so sweet. Hope you and Tawanda are soon on your way.

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Love the new header pic!

Beach Lovers said...

Tawanda is beautiful. I know you are ready to head out with her. Maybe we can see you when you are in NC. We are still at N Topsail Beach. Safe Travels.

Sherry said...

SO glad we are the next ones to get to see you guys up close and personal. That Tawanda is a real beauty. Great header picture!