Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bike Ride and Connors Nubble

Trenton, ME
Narrows Too RV Resort

Another great day awaits us so I join Nancy, Bill, Tricia and Dan for a bike ride on the Carriage Trails that includes a stop to hike up Connors Nubble to pick a few Maine blueberries.  They are so good!

Jordan Pond with the Bubbles in the background  Rock slide area along a Carriage Trail

Connors Nubble isn’t as high as many other peaks here but the views are still stunning.  I love the views overlooking Eagle Lake.

Connors Nubble in Acadia  Blueberries on top of Connors Nubble at Acadia
Connors Nubble                                  Overlooking Eagle Lake

I know that I have mixed up my days, hikes and bikes but I do know how much I love this place.  One bike day, Tricia, Nancy and I take a break while Bill and Dan ride all the way up to Day Mountain summit.  As we sat on the coping stones that edge the trails, a couple of the Carriage Tour wagons come by.  These are some beautiful draft horses that are well cared for.

Carriage tour on the carriage roads  Carriage tour group
Carriage tour  Carriage tour


Dan and Tricia said...

Still don't know who Connor is but boy oh boy does he have a great nubble. ;-) His blueberries aren't too bad either. hee hee

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Glad you guys had such a wonderful summer

Bill and Nancy said...

I still have some of Nubbles Blueberries in my freezer!!! I do miss Acadia, but not in the winter;o))