Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Stix n Brix, NC

Well Gin went to help her folks on Wednesday and has just now returned home.  They kidnapped her for almost a whole week!  I did get a chance to visit with them to negotiate a ransom.  She decided that she would return as soon as she got her dad's computer up and running.  She went to Rocky Mount to work on the remodel some but his computer crashed at the same time.  It had a bad virus.  I don't know anything about this keyboard in my lap, but she is a self-taught geek.  She has built computers from the ground up.  Her father is a semi-retired accountant in that he kept a few of his clients so it was imperative that the information was not lost.  I don't know what all she did to back up his files, but she got it working again.

I went there on Friday because she needed this computer and our server.  While I was there, my Mom, brother and sister-in-law were passing through town, so I joined them for supper at Olive Garden.  Thanks Doug for an early birthday dinner.  I came back home on Saturday so I could go back to work that night.  I've been on day shift the past couple of days.  I will be so glad when I retire next summer so I can have a regular sleep schedule.  Of course we'll be full-timing not long after that.  My brother has invited the rest of the family to their house for Independence Day.  They live on a lake so we'll take our kayaks and paddle around some if it's not too hot.  They enjoy camping a lot and talked about their last trip while we were at Olive Garden.  They went to Rutherfordton, NC and took their dog to Chimney Rock.  I think they understand our decision better than most people because they enjoy rving so much also.

It's really nice to hear Gin talk geek again and Smudge is glad she's home too.  While she was parking in the garage, Smudge was crying in the house.  She doesn't hear so good any more so she didn't know that Gin was home.  Smudge was on the floor next to Gin's side of the bed begging to jump up there.  I guess she was looking for her since she had been gone so long.  We'll all sleep good tonight even though it'll only be a few hours for me.  It's my bedtime so ta ta for now.


Cruzin2some said...

I feel your pain!! Dawn has been gone all week to assist her sister with a liver transplant evaluation and our four legged kids are not happy about her being gone!!!

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Wish I had my own personal geek. I don't speek computer, either and am totally helpless when they bite the dust. I'm used to fixing things that take hammers and wrenches, neither of which do any good on a computer (except to "fix" it permenantly!)

Roger and Dianne said...

We took our dogs to Chimney Rock shortly after the RV Dreams Rally. About half way to the top, one of the dogs froze and would not go up or down. It's funny now, but at the time it was a hassle as we coaxed him down the steps. Beautiful place. There is a campground just outside of Rutherfordton that caters to dogs (The Four Paws Kingdom). Lots of dog runs, a pond for the dogs to swim in, a trail, and really nice owners. The two of you and your dog might enjoy it.