Saturday, July 3, 2010

Visit with Family

This is my scheduled week off that we usually go rving.  This is also the rush at the campgrounds of those enjoying a long holiday week end.  We were caught in between because I was on stand-by at work and couldn't make reservations.  It turns out that they have adequate coverage so the next few days are free.  So here I sit in a MH...not ours.  We are at Gin's parents and since their house is pretty full with a new baby boy, we are staying in their MH.  It sure does make a nice guest house.  Gin has helped with the apartment remodel some.  We brought Smudge hoping that she wouldn't get so upset and miss her Mama G.

Tomorrow we plan to visit with my family at Roanoke Rapids Lake.  I sure hope the weather holds out because we are all bringing our kayaks.  It would be nice to swim a bit and paddle around.  I'm looking forward to a nice supper too.  Check back later.

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