Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Long ride to Cascade Lake (Brevard, NC)

Cascade Lake Recreation Area site #P4
Pisgah Forest NC

We left the house just a few minutes before 9:00am and it was a steady rain falling.  Gin had to stop at her pharmacy to get refills so she drove the Suki while I drove the MH to a nearby vacant lot.  After we hooked up there, we got on I40 west bound for the mountains of NC.  We went about a mile and it was gridlock for 20 minutes.  The rain resulted in some accidents, because shortly after clearing that clog, there was another one.  Another 20 minutes.  The rain cleared a little and the traffic did too.  We made a couple of stops on the way here to get gas and lunch at a rest stop.  We finally made it a little after 4:00pm.  It's about 300 miles of driving but much of it is in congested traffic patterns.  I was a little worn out and Gin didn't feel the best in the world.  When I registered at the CG office, I seriously felt like I was still moving.

Cascade Lake is a Passport America CG.  They give you half price during the week so that makes it affordable for full hookup.  It's really nice for us this time because we were the lucky winners last year during the July 4th Grand Prize Drawing.  We won a free week here this year so I took a few days off from work to add to my usual week off.  We plan to be here 9 nights and only pay for two.  With the PA discount, that's only 50 bucks.  Can't beat that!  We have a waterfront space on the lake and plan to take the kayaks out tomorrow.  We also plan to do some hiking, geocaching, and look for waterfalls near Brevard in the coming days.  After setting up camp this afternoon, we relaxed and just looked out over the water.  I took Smudge for a stroll and saw some mountain laurel in bloom.  It was quite cloudy, but still a nice sunset over the water.  This is definitely a Sylville kind of place.


Levonne said...

Happy Trails!!

Levonne said...

By the way, come read my article about geocaching and let me know what you think! Its todays blog post.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

What a bargain, $50 for nine days! Good for you! We met at the RV Dreams rally (the toilet paper spinning holder guy). Wish we had more time there to get to know you better. Really enjoy your blog, it's a great read! :c)