Thursday, July 29, 2010


Stix n Brix

No, we haven't fallen off the face of the Earth.  I've been at work the past four days and have just been too tired to make much sense with my typing.  I know, sometimes I don't make much sense anyway.  :)  Let me tell ya a little bit about last week end though.

Gin and I went back to her folks last Friday to do some more of the remodel.  We spent the afternoon painting the interior.  She and her mom painted the old paneling green while I painted two coats of white on the crown molding.  Her father did some caulking.  We all worked well together and it's starting to look good.

On Saturday,  we started putting down the floor.  It's wood laminate and looks pretty nice.  We started in the bathroom and that's when it happened.  In order for the floorboards to lock in right, you really have to get the first couple of them snapped in nice and tight.  Gin was sitting on the concrete and was trying to snap the second board into place.  It wouldn't snap in so she got a 2 by 4 and a hammer to start giving it a little persuasion.  She was focused on where the boards snap together and not where her hand was.  BAM!!  She hit her thumb and doubled over in pain.  When she unrolled her body, her hand was full of blood.  Her mom quickly got some clean paper towels so Gin could apply pressure.  After she said she was "ok" and still wanted to work more, her mom went to the drugstore and got a thumb splint.  A good ice pack certainly helped.  I can't believe it, but Gin and I put down about a third of the flooring after that mishap.  I'm not used to doing that kind of manual labor and she is one tough cookie.  I know she will lose her thumbnail and I wouldn't be surprised if the bone in the tip isn't broken.  It immediately turned black from the knuckle to the tip.  The very tip looks like dead skin.

We went back to our house on Sunday after two good days of work.  My family had a get together planned and I was looking forward to going to my sister's house.  Gin didn't feel up to riding another four hours so she rested at home.  My nephew Jeff and his wife Becca were visiting  from Colorado.  Their 4 year old daughter Alexandra (Xani) wanted to play cards with me on the floor.  Boy was I sore!  I played with the princess for a while.  I took the camera but the battery was dead.  I'm so mad.  I didn't look in the bag for another one. :(

Tomorrow starts my week off.  We had sorta planned to go to Lake Jordan but we're ready to finish this remodel.  Since her folks have two 30 amp hook ups at the house, we are taking our MH so that we will feel like it's a vacation.  Gin's folks have their rig in the driveway and we've stayed in it, but we may be there a lot longer this time so I don't want to impose too much.  I think Smudge will be more comfortable in our MH also.  Yes, it's all about the dog...


-Nellie and Jonathan said...

Ok, so your post today makes my stomach hurt!! Poor Gin!! I hope her thumb heals quickly. What stinks is that you use your thumbs for everything you do with your hands. The whole opposable thumb thing :(

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Funny how having a dog dictates how you plan your day, your week, your trips, your life...
Why did we get a dog again? ;c)

Merikay said...


Hope it's better and not broken.