Monday, July 15, 2013

Hike up the Bubbles and around Jordan Pond

Trenton, ME
Narrows Too RV Resort

The Bubbles are two mountains that over look Jordan Pond.  They show up in many photos taken from the grounds of Jordan Pond House.  That was on our radar today.

Jordan Pond with the Bubbles in the background
The Bubbles overlooking Jordan Pond

I joined Nancy, Bill, Tricia and Dan for a hike up North Bubble to the summit, through the crevice (cleavage) and up South Bubble then around Jordan Pond.  We get early starts so the crowds aren’t so bad.  It’s another beautiful day!

Hiking Acadia  View from atop North Bubble... Bill, Tricia, Dan and Nancy
Starting up the trail                    View from atop North Bubble

Tricia at North Bubble summit  Dan soaking it up 
Tricia at North Bubble Summit            Dan soaking it up

We all started our decent but a certain section got a little too steep for most of us.  Dan continued on that way but the rest of us back tracked and took a different route.

Going down  Too steep!
Going down                                          A little too steep!
Going back up
Going right back UP!

One of the great features on this hike is Balance Rock.  It looks like it’s barely hanging on to the side of the rock face.  Of course, everyone takes photos of folks pushing on it.  I am no exception.

Bill and Tricia at Ballance RockDan and Ballance RockBalance Rock
Bill and Tricia push            Dan leans              and the Rock remains

We make it down to the flatter trail around Jordan Pond.  It goes all the way around the lake and offers great views.  It may be flat but the footing is still pretty dicey in sections.

Neat footbridge on the trail around Jordan Pond  Jordan Pond from the base of the Bubbles
Tricia on the trail around Jordan Pond
Hiking around Jordan Pond

As we headed back to the Tahoe in the parking lot, we stopped to admire a curious onlooker.  She was actually waiting for us to go so that she could cross the trail to reach her destination.  Enjoyed her big brown eyes and it was a befitting wrap up for this varied hike.

Curious deer

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.


Gail Houle said...

Ha! Tricia looks like she's just conquered Goliath! :)
Anxious to hear your tales in person. See you soon!

Dan and Tricia said...

What a great hike that was! I think that is where Bill and I perfected "butt hiking"!

Mike and Terri said...

What a beautiful day for a hike, and those views are gorgeous!

Janice L Evans said...

We loved Jordan Pond and all of Acadia NP as well. . .hope it's okay that I added a link to your post on my blog. . .we didn't do an extensive hike as you guys did. . .so I think it's nice for those interested to see all the options. . .enjoyed very much. . .thanks, Janice

Cruzin2some said...

Hi girls, are you guys O.K? We haven't seen any post lately. Hope you guys are doing well

Gin and Syl said...

Yep. In Florida now for the winter. Sorry, just haven't been in the mood to blog. Lovin' this life!

Bill and Nancy said...

I just realized you had posted about Acadia. Wasn't it the best time and know we are having a blast in the Keys:o)) Life is Good!!!