Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Holiday RV Park; Cherokee NC

October 24-30, 2009
Cherokee, NC
Happy Holiday RV Park Site #97
$295 for 6 nights
663 miles round trip, 7.3 mpg, $2.65 per gallon gas

Saturday-Travel day. We left the house before 6:00am. It was misty and rainy half of the way but it was clear blue sky west of Winston Salem. I40 is pretty rough there but driving this route was comfortable. Gin had major surgery only a couple of weeks ago so it was a long ride for her. Our site is on the creek. It's very muddy since there's been a lot of rain and there is no gravel left on our site. The creek's full too. Gin's folks are next to us in site #98. Her dad is here for an accounting seminar. It's a beautiful time of year. Gin's mom has fixed supper for us. She likes to cook and we like to eat. :) Here's our muddy site.

Sunday-We all started the day without electricity. It was a bit cool but it came back on in 30 minutes. I guess the CG circuits couldn't handle all that coffee brewing at the same time. We relaxed with Judy and Odie, Gin's folks. I walked Smudge around the pond to talk with the ducks. Odie and I rode in to Cherokee to find some snacks.
Monday-Gin didn't feel too good. She had a headache and her innards were still healing so she stayed at the CG. Judy and I went to the Mountain Family Farm Museum on the other side of Cherokee. I remember visiting it 40 years ago in my youth when my family would camp in the summer. Judy and I enjoyed our leisurely visit there. When we got back, Gin walked Molly and I walked Smudge around the whole CG while Judy grilled chicken. Odie had a very long day at his seminar. Tomorrow won't be as long.
Tuesday-It rained all day. I took a DVD over for Judy to enjoy while Gin and I just relaxed and worked on a tiny 1000 piece puzzle. It stopped raining after supper. The creek sure is loud and full.
Wednesday-It's a beautiful day! We all rode to Brevard via the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was a long but enjoyable ride. The leaves have already fallen at the higher elevations, but they were beautiful near Brevard. We stopped at a few overlooks and had a good lunch at the Peak of the Parkway restaurant at the Pisgah Inn. We checked out the National Park CG there. Not bad for the discount price. We stopped at Sliding Rock to walk a bit and see the falls. We were also lucky enough to park right at the top of the steps at Looking Glass Falls. We checked out the National Forest visitor's center and Davidson River CG. I think her folks want to come stay here some time. We drove to pretty downtown Brevard and went back to Cherokee via Hwy 280 to Asheville. It was less curvy. I long to spend a summer in the mountains, especially the Brevard area. Here's a pic of Sliding Rock and also Looking Glass Falls.

Thursday-Gin and I took Smudge to the Oconaluftee River Twin Islands Park in Cherokee. Dogs aren't allowed so I carried her the whole time. It's a great place for a picnic and to watch people fly fish. There is a thick bamboo forest that's pretty neat to walk through. We came back to camp and sat by the stream and watched a pair of mallards bathe on the opposite bank. We played canasta with her folks and "let" them win. Then they "let" us win. Here's the mountain bamboo.

Friday-Travel day. It was overcast which is good for driving. We left the CG a little after 10:00am and got home a little before 5:00pm. There was stop and go traffic on I40 at Cary and at Hwy 70 just a few miles from our exit. This was another enjoyable week in Sylville even if we were in a muddy site at an overpriced CG.

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The Gypsy G-Mas said...

Thanks for sharing all of these great trips with us. It'll be great to have this information when we're in the area (don't know when that will be, but someday...). Keep up the blogging. Even though we're slightly ahead of you, we enjoy following your progress and hope that we can chime in to help from time to time.