Friday, February 19, 2010

Jordan Lake State Park; Apex NC

August 1-6, 2009
Jordan Lake State Park; Apex NC
Poplar Point CG Site #E99
$115 for 5 nights
84 miles round trip, 8.8 mpg

Saturday- Travel day. I towed the waverunners with the MH while Gin drove the Suki. It was too hot to bring the kayaks much less firewood. Gin's parents got here with there MH just a little after us. they brought their pontoon boat and stay on site #E93. This is the first year of the reservation system so we didn't plan ahead. They will be next to us the last couple of days. We all paced ourselves during the heat of the day and launched all the boats in the evening. It was a nice time for a wet ride.
Sunday-It was a rainy day so we all went to WalMart in Cary and got Panera bagels on the way back. It was chicken wraps for lunch. Gin's folks grilled chicken for supper. It stopped raining in mid afternoon but we stayed out of the water.
Monday-We rode the waverunners a couple of hours in the morning. Gin visited with her folks while I got gas from the corner store and put it in the boats. Ten gallons for each. The pontoon boat was bone dry. We fixed veggie burgers, cheese fries, and 3 bean salad at Gin's folks. They fixed peach ice cream to top off the day nicely. :) Here's Gin slicing the water.

Tuesday-Loons fly about 40 mph. One flew beside me for a while before he went up a cove. We waverunnered over to one of our favorite spots just past Crosswind CG and soaked in the water. We all watched "Mall Cop" during the heat of the day and waited for our neighbors to leave so we could move Gin's folks to site #E100 right next to us. Here's her mom Judy at their rig.

Wednesday-We rode the waverunners in the morning and met Gin's folks on their boat. We all "swam" a bit (floated). It clouded up so we came in and packed the outside stuff. We ate too much again. I gave Smudge a bath. She is a 100 pound toy poodle...10 pound dog and 90 pound attitude. :) A storm moved in for the night while we packed up some of the inside stuff.
Thursday-Travel day. We slept kinda late but still had time to enjoy the waverunners one more time. We got the pontoon boat and waverunners out. It was a nice trip to the house. Had time to do a couple loads of clothes and get things ready to go again.

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