Monday, February 15, 2010

Huntington Beach Sate Park; Murrells Inlet SC

Stix n Brix; Clayton NC

It's that time of year for us gonna be full-timers that we start looking forward to the upcoming travel season. One way to look forward is to look back. The next few posts will summarize our RV outings from 2009. Travel with us.

March 13-20, 2009
Huntington Beach State Park
Murrells Inlet, SC Site #116
$182 for 7 nights
400 miles round trip, 7.1 mpg, $1.77 per gallon gas
Like sites 1,3,5,31,33,30,60,68,71,106,107,111,115,117,119,121,123,125, and 127

Friday-Travel day. It drizzled half the time in NC. It was slow going with that and an army convoy on I95. This is our first time at this nice quiet CG. It has paved roads. We are on a private spot in the woods next to the bathhouse. Satellite tv is good at this site. There is local hi-def also. We settled in and cycled the CG some.
Saturday-We rode Suki around the park. We explored Atalaya which is the castle style summer home of the couple that donated the land for this state park. We located a virtual cache at the foyer fireplace. We walked along the beach. The jetty is way too far to attempt. We found our first two geocaches!! (got a travel bug)
Sunday-We went into Myrtle Beach after driving through Murrells Inlet and had a big lunch at New China Buffet. We shopped at Tanger Outlet. I'm picky so I didn't get anything. It drizzled in the afternoon.
Monday-It rained most of the day. We got take-out from Harrelson's Seafood Market. We walked some of it off in the CG. We took the wooded walkway to the shore. Since it rained a lot, we finished the day putting together a 1000 tiny piece puzzle.
Tuesday-We drove into Georgetown and came back to bike around some in the CG. We found 3 geocaches. We enjoyed s'mores by our first evening campfire.
Wednesday-Finally a beautiful day!! It was "Wildlife and History Day" at Atalya. Some very interesting displays but we didn't think to bring a camera. A Ranger started a fire by rubbing two sticks together using a bow. The "birds of prey" presentation was the big attraction with a Harris hawk, barred owl, and yellow-billed kite (an African species) flying around the crowd. The seagulls left :). We cooked supper (Cornish hens and spiced apples) over the campfire.
Thursday-Another beautiful day!! We hiked the Sandpiper Pond Nature Trail. The Garmin batteries died just as we got close to another geocache. :( We checked out the nice Education Center. We biked the CG some more and walked along the beach. We packed up the outdoor stuff and ended the day by eating leftovers and s'mores by the evening campfire.
Friday- Travel day. It's back to work for me tonight. Gin drove the MH for the first time. It was only for 40 miles on I95 south of Fayetteville, but we both have more respect for each others usual seats.
We definitely want to come back to this CG. There are a lot of nature oriented things to do here and we didn't even get to check out Brookgreen Gardens right across the highway. We were in Sylville all week.

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