Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rain, rain, go away

Stix n Brix, NC

Gin’s folks left the cg Wednesday morning.  It was raining just a little bit at the time.  We discussed it and decided to stay one more night.  We knew we would get wet either day so we chose to relax in the MH.  When it stopped raining for a few minutes, we went outside to put away the chairs and put up the awning.  We got out our pole and blocks so we could pry up our bad jack, and we were shocked to see it go up on it’s own.  If it had been raining hard, we would have had to pry it up.  Go figure.

Speaking of raining hard, a tropical storm system came in last night.  Heavy rain on the roof of a MH is VERY LOUD.  Yes, you have to shout at each other even if you’re only three feet away.  We’re learning how to play Mexican Train Dominoes so we gave it a try.  It was a noisy night.  I mentioned the nearby artillery the other day.  Well, we had nature’s artillery instead.  It was a little bit of thunder, but the pine cone grenades are what really made it hard to sleep.  About the time I drifted off, another one would hit and make me jump.

We got up about 9:00am and it was a break in the heavy rain.  Smudge really appreciated a quick potty break.  Here’s what site #13 looks like with a pond in front, beside, and behind us.


Gin put on her raingear to do the last bit of packing up (vu qube, cables, dump station etc).  We had brought our kayaks and never took them off the top of the Suki.  They were full of water.  We’ll carry them differently when we fulltime.  We’ll also need to come up with something better to keep the bikes dry.  Here’s Gin dumping some kayak water.  We like the hullavators but you will get wet if the kayak has water in it.


As she finished up at the dump station, the bottom fell again.  It wasn’t that bad to drive in thankfully.  I felt the wind only once as we drove over the bridge into Swansboro.  All things considered, if we were fulltiming, this would have been a “stay put” kinda day.

I have to work the next 5 nights so I’ll be quiet for awhile.  I’ll still find time to read your blog posts though.  Only 10 more months until retirement, but who’s counting (me of course).

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.


Cruzin2some said...

Rain, Rain, Go away! When we had a motorhome, We had a fan that we would turn on at night to drown out any outside noise. It really help.

Stay Safe

Nancy and Bill said...

Even the rainiest day camping is better than the sunniest day working!!

Glad you got home safely....

Travelwithwhippets said...

Rainy days aren't too bad when full-timing. We just think of them as lazy days inside. We cover our bikes with a tarp with grommets and secure it with bungies. Works pretty well.

pidge said...

Just found your site and will be checking back in with you. Stay safe..

Karen and Al said...

You poor things being in that tropical storm. That's one of my fears about full timing. I'm not real comfortable in storms and you are right... motor homes are very noisy in the rain.

So you have the little lifts that put your kayaks on the roof of your car? How do you like them? We currently put ours in the truck bed but have thought about using our Cr-v instead and would need a different way to carry them.

Sherry said...

Boy we sure know what you mean about rain being noisy on the roof and having to yell to be heard. Sorry to hear you had so much rain and artillary noise in your favorite campsite but glad to hear you got home safely. We finally made it to the birthday party so after this we won't be on a strict schedule. And am I GLAD.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

All that rain can move tons of dirt around, but how come it never makes my RV cleaner? Thought the kayaks looked like water wings on your Suki. You might have needed them the way the rain came down.

No matter what, you got away to relax. Don't worry, your hearing should return soon... ;c)