Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stir Crazy

Cedar Point CG site #13
Croatan National Forest
Cedar Point, NC

Welcome to our newest follower, Karen & Al.  Karen has a couple of nice blogs and I have bumped in to her Florida-Georgia Camping Kayaking one several months ago and thought how nice it was.  There's some good info there, and it sounds like we share common interests.

Well, it's official now...I'm stir crazy (as opposed to just plain crazy).  I woke up at 4:30am and can't get back to sleep because I have caught up with my sleep.  It's Wednesday and it's been raining off-n-on since Sunday night.  We all went shopping at Walmart in Morehead City on Monday and then hit the Golden Corral buffet.  Yes, our hit did leave a pretty big dent.  :)  Other than that, we haven't left the cg.  That's ok by me, but it's been so wet that we didn't bother to get the bikes off the rack to ride around.  We've played Canasta in the evening with Gin's folks every night.  Since a storm is forecast to come in today, they are thinking about leaving this morning.  Gin and I will pack up our chairs while they are sorta dry, but we will wait it out and leave Thursday.  I don't mind driving in the rain and a little wind too much. 

Yesterday was a busy training day at the Marine base in nearby Jacksonville.  We could hear the artillery all day and into the evening.  Some of it sounded kinda close.  It sounds a lot like thunder but it's constant.  I cannot imagine living in a war zone.  I wonder if politicians would be so quick to declare war if they knew it would be fought daily on American soil?  I hope and pray that it never happens again.

What kind of things do you do on a rainy day in the RV?  Gin plays games on her IPad while I do Cryptograms.  We bought this word puzzle book from Walmart and it will last me several years.  We've caught up with our sleep by napping every rainy day and watched all the shows that we've tivoed .  I feel like I'll pop if I keep eating like I have during the past few days.

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy each day of your life's journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.


Cruzin2some said...

Dawn is afraid I will get stir crazy when we hit the road. I like to stay busy. But I also like to read a good book.

Stay Safe

The Gypsy G-Mas said...

Rain, rain, go away! Bummer that you're having such terrible weather. But it's still better than being at home working, isn't it? :) There's nothing nicer than a nap on a rainy afternoon, but I guess you can only do that so much before you've had your fill. Hopefully, the storm will pass quickly and you'll get a little decent weather.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

I had some business on that Marine base a few years ago and got lost. I really started paying attention to where I was when I saw the sign "Tank Crossing"!

I wasn't going to argue who had the right of way with one of those! A tank could make quite an impression on you! ;c)