Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wildlife at Home

Stix n Brix, NC

We like our backyard because it has a pond that is shared by 5 other houses in our subdivision.  We don’t have someone else’s back yard right at our back door.  We have enjoyed some of nature right at our steps.  When I work in the yard, I often times see the hoof prints left behind by a visiting deer.  We see several turtles and herons enjoying the water.  We’ve even seen squirrels swim in the water for the fun of it…yes they dove right in.  Of course, I never get pictures of these things but, I’ll share some of what I do have.

We enjoy our hummingbird feeder which is stuck to the window of our breakfast nook.

IMG_0607  IMG_0614


IMG_0625  IMG_0628

We occasionally have a Green Heron visit us.  He doesn’t hang around very long.

IMG_0928   IMG_0930

Lizards are only snakes with legs but the legs make us like them so much better than snakes.

IMG_0653   IMG_0651

Notice how he is eating his shedding skin in the first shot.  They are good to have around to eat bugs.  So are dragonflies.


And some of the wildest wildlife ever seen in our backyard…Smudge!!

IMG_0644   IMG_0647

Unless you consider Gin wild.  ;)  She does have her moments.


Until next post.  Everyone enjoy the little things in life.


Merikay said...

Thanks for the peak into your world! Your lizards are different from ours. Much greener. Smudge looks like she feels better!

Happytrails said...

Love your wildlife!! I like the idea of not having someone right in your backyard. The pond is a perfect touch. :-)
Growing up in Florida....I can leave the lizards alone. Hate them. They were all over the place growing up and having a big brother only meant they got thrown on little sister. YUK
They have their place though!! See I can be nice!
Love the pic of Gin...cute!!

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

What a neat bunch of animals in your backyard, nothing better than free entertainment. I can never get to the camera fast enough to photo those hummingbirds. The are so interesting to watch by the time I think of taking a picture, they've zipped off. You done good with the pictures, especially that wild Gin. :c)

And for the show-n-tell, the devil's workshop is in full swing!

Cruzin2some said...

Sure wish we could send you guys some leftovers. We are going to eat on these leftovers for at least two weeks. That is even after we sent the girls home with leftovers too!!!!!

So glad to see Smudge out enjoying the nice weather.

Stay Safe

Travelwithwhippets said...

Great pictures of the wildlife - especially of Gin :-)

SherryB said...

What a GREAT picture of Gin. I'm going to snag it and put it in my Folder of Favorite Folks aka FFF not to be confused with the DAR-like FFV. Now I just need one of you! Glad to see Smudge lookin' so mighty fine.

Sherry said...

Hmmmm I posted a comment yesterday which didn't show up apparently and I just posted another and got service unavailable and when I went back to try it again, my entire post had disappeared. Now that's not nice. Wonder what's going on since Gin posted one on my blog that didn't show up either. Anyway I'll try this again and copy the post this time before I try to post comment. Glad to see your retirement clock. I've had one on my desktop since the day I turned in my resignation and today it ran out. YIPPEEE!! Finished!! To celebrate I put the great pic of Gin as my desktop. It makes me smile and laugh out loud every time I look at her grinning out the window at me. Fabulous photo madame photographer!! OK wish me luck...