Monday, August 22, 2011

Leaving, Laundry, and Lazy

Cedar Point CG (site #12)
Croatan National Forest
Cedar Point, NC

Sunday morning can be a sad time around an active campground.  We visited with Doug and Carla one more time before they headed back to their home in Roanoke Rapids.  There are 40 sites here and by noon only a dozen were occupied after a full weekend.  Needless to say, it’s quiet.

This was going to be an afternoon of relaxing so Gin stretched out on the couch and I put the laundry in the Suki and went to the coin laundry in Swansboro.  It’s the first time in well over 30 years that I’ve done laundry at a laundromat so it was an “adventure”.  Yes, I had to read the instructions on the washers and driers.  The washers were smaller than I remember, and it was hotter in there than I remember too.  I just sat back and typed a blogpost so that was nice.  After about two and a half hours, I was done and on my way back to camp.  We visited with Gin’s folks and their friends just a bit and called it a day.

On Monday, we slept late.  I don’t think we’ll have any trouble adjusting to our own slower pace when we slide into fulltiming.  Smile We enjoyed a nice ride on our e-bikes, and yes we pedaled most of the time (flat land here).  Gin’s folks and their friends, Mack and Joanne, joined us for dinner at a Chinese buffet restaurant, and we did a bit of shopping afterwards.  After watching a little football, we called it a night.  This week we will be relaxing and setting our own schedule.  Yes I’m enjoying the freedom of retirement.

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.


smdrm said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your new lifestyle. Doesn't get much better than that.

I can relate about the laundromat, and yes, I HAVE to read the instructions also.

We're currently in Middlebury, IN in the midst of Amish country, but tomorrow we head south making it back to NC by Friday. The cooler weather here has been wonderful.

Stay relaxed!!

Selene, NC

Merikay said...

Since our new to us coach does not have a washer, I guess I will get to know the laundromats too!

Small price to pay to travel!

Sherry said...

Had to laugh about the laundromat.
I hadn't been in one for 30 years either and those same things surprised me.....smaller washers, very hot AND the price.

Sounds like you are going to have the same trouble ajusting to retirement that we did.......NONE!!!

Mike and Terri said...

We're getting reacquainted with laundromats also. The last one we went to had LOTS of signs to read, like "Don't slam the dryer door," "Don't use too much soap," and my favorite "Don't put your clothes in another washer or dryer that's already being used." Huh?

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

The laundromats take some getting used to but it is not that bad.

Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

I think Sunday afternoons in a campground is my favorite time. All becomes quiet again :)

We've been watching Irene out there. Be careful in your travels.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Too funny about the "new" experience in the laundromat! I got a good laugh at that. I know it's a tough job, but it's a sacrifice you'll have to make for your new lifestyle. ;c)

Enjoy that retired life, get it down pat for when the house sells.
You've certainly earned it.

Nancy and Bill said...

Bill and I actually liked using the laundromat. All the loads are done at the same time ;o)))

Glad retirement is agreeing with you. I think you will have it down pat by the time we see you two at Cheraw!!