Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Grooming and Clothes

Stix n Brix, NC

It was time to take Smudge to the groomer in Smithfield.  Toy Poodles don't shed but you really need to have them shaved every couple of months or so.  She comes out with her ears so fluffy that they get in her food bowl while she eats.  I always wet them down when we get home.  I hope we have good luck finding dog groomers when we full-time.  I've thought about asking Gin to shape her up once in awhile when we hit the road but I'm afraid that Smudge will draw blood.  She is not a very nice dog.

While she was getting pretty, we went to the outlet shopping center near I95 to get some clothes.  I'll be the first one to say that I am very hard to buy for.  I know what I like and I'm stubborn.  We went to Ralph Lauren and got several t-shirts.  That was easy.  Gin got one of every color (almost).  Then we went to Eddie Bauer.  We each got some zip-off trekking pants and I got several pairs of rip-stop shorts.  One of every color.  They will be good for the road because they are light weight and dry quick.  No ironing of course.  Now I won't have to go shopping again for a few years.  When you can relate a clothes shopping spree to life on the road, you know you've got the wanderlust bad.  :)

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Merikay said...

I hope there is a shopping spree in my future. For now I'm not buying anything, and keeping clothes to paint in.