Saturday, May 15, 2010

We’re Back…ugh

Stix n Brix, NC

We reluctantly packed up Thursday morning and left Cedar Point in our rearview mirror (or camera of the MH).  It was 270 miles round trip.  I like to drive on overcast days so it was perfect that way.  We got back to Clayton in the afternoon, and I immediately started washing clothes.  I don’t know why I always feel compelled to do a load or two as soon as we get back.  I guess it’s a part of transition to the reality of life.  Speaking of which, only 14 more months of work.  I’m looking at my shift work a little differently now.  I only have 14 more Friday nights, 14 more Saturday nights, and the other side of the schedule, only 14 more Friday days, 14 more Saturday days etc.  Can ya tell that I am really looking forward to our freedom?  I think that’s an understatement.  I’m so close to a good retirement package that I can’t just quit my job.  Anyway, I’ll be busy for the next several nights, and we have a busy week ahead of us with Gin’s treatment and my work.  Keep smiling and stay tuned.


Cyndi said...

Syl, I just looked up Clayton, and you're only 21 miles from Fuquay-Varina - where my sister-in-law lives. We're going to be visiting her summer 2011 (along with my sister in Cary) - and I'd love to meet you! Maybe coffe and bagels at Brueggers - there's one in Garner. Where do you think we should stay while we're there? I've done a little research, but not much, and see a good possibility in Apex - do you know of any others? Since it'll be in the heat of summer, we'd need hookups. Let me know if you have any recommendations. Until then, enjoy your countdown!

Jerry and Suzy said...

Hello! Have fun with your final preparations for full-timing! We're glad you have joined our blog, asd we hope to offer you some enjoyable reading. Stop in whenever! And please, do leave a comment now and then. Comments are how we know yoou are with us!