Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Rally

Longs, SC
Willow Tree Resort site #8

It’s just been so busy in a good way.  Friday was a full day at the rvdreams rally.  We went to the morning seminars by Howard on buying an rv, boondocking, and working on the road.  At some point in time when we finally full-time, we plan on doing some type of volunteering for a campsite.  We may not need the money, but it would be nice to give back.  Gin stayed at the rig in the afternoon to fix the ham for the potluck while I went to the Picasa seminar put on by the Geeks on Tour.  It sounds so easy but it would take me a while to get used to it.  We enjoyed a delicious meal and a hilariously funny game of rv family feud afterwards.

Gin was a little sluggish Saturday morning so she skipped the first class on rv weight safety put on by Walter Cannon of RVSEF.  He also did a class on tire safety and Howard finished the morning with a class on choosing campgrounds.  We also got a handout about packing your rv for full-timing.  We had a quick lunch and came back to another class by the Geeks on Tour about setting up a blog.  Yes the hardest thing about it is coming up with something to say.  :)  Then it was open rig walk-through.  It was kinda like speed-dating or scavenger hunting because you wanted to see as many rigs as you could and talk with the people.  We ended the day with a nice catered meal of steak and shrimp and a sock hop.  Yep almost everyone shook their booty…even us.  Gin even danced right out of her leg brace.  It must have been at least 15 years since we danced like that.  And of course, we never remember to take the camera.

This morning there was an early farewell breakfast.  We made it and I was surprised that most of the dancers were there too.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here and we learned a few things at the seminars and talking with the other dreamers.  The main thing was indeed the people.  Everyone is so very friendly.  I took Smudge for a nice long walk and the park is much emptier but many are here for a day or two longer.  It will be a long 16 months until retirement but having something to look forward to will make it go by real fast.
We did take the camera to the breakfast so here’s a shot of Howard and Linda during the farewell song.


It was a nice banquet hall with just the right amount of people at the rally to have fun.  Maybe we can come back to another one before long.  Full-timing will come around sooner than we think.  A campfire at H&L’s is planned for those of us still here.


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