Monday, April 19, 2010

New look and treatment

Stix n Brix

Well does it look different or what.  I made the comment to Gin a few weeks back that I was getting more comfortable with the blog but I wish that the layout was more of a full page.  After going to a geeks on tour seminar at the rally, she decided to surprise me while I was at work.  She is a consummate Ms Fixit of all things.  :)  She found the template and set it up while I added the color.  She then found the picture of Wanda and Suki to add a more personalized look.  We'll probably update that later.  Photos are definitely one thing that I am not comfortable with yet, but I'm working at it.  Picasa looks so easy but I learn by repetition and practice.  I just need more time.

Gin got a call from her doctor's office and they were able to work out a solution with Biogen, the company that makes the drug for her treatment.  She goes in Thursday so this will keep her close to her schedule.  The drug Tysabri doesn't cure MS, but it does give her a better quality of life.  It is a dangerous drug though so she wants to do it right.

Well I've got to go to work tonight.  Only 465 more days but who's counting.


Merikay said...

Page looks good. Thanks for signing on as a follower! We are all looking FORWARD!

Myrddin said...

I'm so glad that Gin has been able to get some of her medical problems solved. We hate dealing with the "system" for Linda's meds.

Wow! only 465 days left!!! Think of how fast the last 465 days have gone. :-)

Take Care,

Jim and Linda

Cyndi said...

Love the new look!

Cindy said...

Great news that you found a resolution to the treatment issue. Hope it's something that can travel with you in 465 days.
That time will pass before you know it!
Love the new look!
Hugs, Ken and Cindy

Jim and Dee said...

Great blog!! I've put you on my blog. I'm glad you're getting medical help without waiting till May.