Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And the Rally Begins

River Plantation RV Park site #435
Sevierville, Tn

Monday morning at 8:30, Gin got an interesting phone call.  A gentleman said that a man’s wallet had been found that had one of our contact cards in it.  He left a phone number to contact him.  She had given a few of them out the night before and when the gentleman said Dan’s full name, she had to think about who he was.  I checked at Dan and Tricia’s rig and they were gone.  So was their motorcycle.  I walked down to Howard and Linda’s to see if they had a cell phone number for one of them.  They left a message on Tricia’s phone that Dan’s wallet had been located.  She later said that she didn’t answer her phone because she thought that it was work.  Linda looked over the list of other Rally attendees to see who else might be out for a nice MC ride.  She left a couple of messages and a little later, someone checked their phone and told Dan that his wallet had been found.  It had dropped out of his pocket at a traffic light when he stood up.  He thought he had left it back at the rig so he wasn’t even worried about it.  When he got it back at the Big Meadow CG office, he left a thank you note and a reward for the finder since they were honest enough to turn in all the cash and cards.  Fellow campers and rv’ers are a pretty honest bunch.  Anyway, our contact card has certainly come in handy at least for Dan.  Things happen for a reason.

We took a Suki ride down the main strip through Sevierville, Pigeon Forge and into Gatlinburg.  This area is so commercialized but we enjoyed a scenic ride on very curvy Highway 441 through some of The Great Smoky Mountains to Newfound Gap.  It’s at the NC/Tn state border and is above 5000ft elevation.

IMG_0343  IMG_0354  IMG_0345
It was 16* cooler up there, and there wasn’t any pollen since the trees haven’t leafed out yet.  Smudge enjoyed the clean air with us also.

IMG_0350  IMG_0351

We didn’t stay long because we were going to help Linda get a few things ready for the Rally.  We enjoyed socializing and meeting JoBeth and Catherine who arrived Monday afternoon.  After a little time at H&L’s site with 50-60 other folks, we went into Pigeon Forge to get something from Five Guys Burger and Fries.  Dee had mentioned how good they were in her blog so we had to try it.  Yup, she was right, and we were full.

Today we are helping with the registration process and enjoying a catered supper and entertainment at the RV Park’s Convention Center.  I’m sure there will be lots of laughs to be had.

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.


Jim and Dee said...

So glad you liked Five Guys! Have fun!

Nancy and Bill said...

Great story about the wallet!!

Love the pictures of you, Gin and Smudge.

What a great time we are having...and so much more to come!!

Merikay said...

Do tell as much as you can about the rally for those of us who can't be there but wish we were.