Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rally Day 4-Flowbee and a Show

River Plantation RV Park site #435
Sevierville, Tn

Friday was a nice “free day”.  A few people went golfing with Howard while quite a few did the local “zip line” with Linda.  Since they went as a large group, they got a nice discount.  Not us.  I don’t care for heights.  We slept in and at 11:00, Gin used Sherry’s Flowbee to do a hair cutting demonstration.  About 8-10 folks watched as Sherry got her head vacuumed.  I’m not sure if any one will purchase one, but at least they got a chance to see how it works.

IMG_1187  IMG_1191

It was a beautiful but windy day.  There are many friendly robins here and there are three Mallards that seem to like it here also.  I think some folks may have even fed them cat food or bread.  I’ve seen an Egret and Heron but didn’t get a shot of them.

IMG_1149-1  IMG_1193

Thursday night, Linda had announced that the Grand Majestic Theater was offering a very reduced rate to us as a group for Friday’s show if there was enough interest.  We rode with Denny and Char to Five Guys to indulge ourselves before the show.  There were about 85 RV-Dreamers there.  I think that was the best five bucks I’ve ever spent on entertainment since it was definitely worth full price.  We called it a night soon after getting back to the rig.  We brought in our slide-outs since it was a heavy rain and high wind warning for the night.  This storm cell later spawned a tornado in Raleigh on Saturday afternoon.

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.

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Mike and Terri said...

Thanks so much for the Flowbee demonstration. I'm definitely considering purchasing one. . . even though Mike's not too crazy about becoming my new beautician. :)