Friday, April 8, 2011

Packing and Vacuums

Stix n Brix, NC

Yesterday was not an easy day.  It was fun and we didn't want to stop.  What did we do?  We packed up the inside of Wanda for an upcoming trip.  We were tempted to put everything in there as if we were fulltiming and just leave it in there.  That time will come in a few months but it's still a little early.  It did make me realize that we can indeed carry our essentials with us in this rig.  Many people that have 40ft MHs or big 5ers say that they have room to spare when they first pack up for the road.  Now I can understand why.

We want a good vacuum to keep in the closet of the MH that doesn't take much space.  We currently carry a cheap bagless green one that does a decent job but it lacks in suction power in my opinion.  It's a bit bulky too.  One that has caught our eye is the Dyson DC35 Multi floor.  It's a cordless battery operated machine that has lots of suction and all the necessary attachments to do the job.  The battery needs to be recharged after about 15 minutes but I think that's long enough for a MH.  It costs about 300 bucks too which is a bit more than we want to spend.

We have really thinned down our kitchen supplies.  We like Corelle plates but don't know whether to carry a place setting for 6 or just 4.  To those of you that are set up for the road, how much do you carry?  What kitchen appliances and cookware can you not live without?  What kind of vacuum do you carry?  Any input or ideas would be appreciated.  We aren't great cooks or Susie Homemakers by any means, but we don't want to be out there and say, "I wish we hadn't sold that at our yard sale." too many times.

I've got to work tonight and then we'll hit the road tomorrow afternoon.  We plan to pull in at a Walmart around supper time and then leave there in the morning.  We should be in Tennessee shortly after noon to get some rally hugs.  That's a little earlier that we planned but we are ready!

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy each day of your life's journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.


Cruzin2some said...

Have fun on your trip!
We have also been looking at vacuums. We don't have much carpet but still want a good one that is somewaht compact.

Travel Safe
Dawn and Denise

Phyllis said...

Costco has an Electrolux ErgoRapido stick vacuum (that converts to a hand-held) that has pretty good suction. Can be hung on the RV wall, or stuck in a closet. Sits on its charger. Priced between $69 (when on sale) and $99 (when not). I bought 2, and while it is not as good as my bulky cannister with beater brush, it is great for the RV.

Sherry said...

WHOO HOOO!! You're going to get there on Sunday and so are we. Can't wait to see you.

We are at Hungry Mother State Park which is fabulous even in the rain!

Drive safely!
See you REAL soon!!


Donna aka Froggi said...

Setting for 4 should be fine, it's all I've ever used. Especially if you have two size plates. ;-)

Seriously, RVers are very used to bringing their own dinnerware to potlucks, etc.

Karen and Al said...

We've been using the smaller plates most often instead of the large dinner plates. I tend to use plates for cooking and manage to dirty up several before we even eat, so I have only a few dinner plates, but probably about 8 medium sized plates.

I've also wanted to find a small vacuum with good suction. Until I do, I just brought my home canister vacuum with us. With our kitties, I still have lots of hair to vacuum up. It fits under the bed and is bulkier than I like, but it works so well, I may just keep it.

heyduke50 said...

we have a dyson ball and just love it - it sits in our closet and although we don't have much carpet we know it is getting super cleaned..

Jim and Dee said...

We meet with the kids so we take 6 plates with us and have used them 4 times.
The vacuum is an Eureka canister which is fabulous. It has all the attachments and has good suction to pick up anything we've needed. We got it at sears, under $100.

I can't wait to hear all about the rally. What fun!!

Debbie said...

We aren't full time yet but I liked my little hand held Dyson so much that I got a Dyson 35 multi floor like you mentioned. I love, love, love it!! And yes, the charge lasts enough time to do our 35' motorhome without any issues. I am sold on both my Dyson products!! (I have no interest in the Dyson company and this was not a paid ad). :)