Sunday, April 10, 2011

We’re Here!

River Plantation RV Park site #435
Sevierville, Tn

Well of course we’re here.  Where else would we be?  The RV-Dreams Rally doesn’t officially start until Tuesday but we really needed a vacation so we got here early and we’re staying late.  After getting a little nap Saturday morning, we hit the road in the middle of the afternoon so that we could travel about 200 miles.  We decided to stay at the Walmart near Hickory, NC.  Just as I got out to go in the store, a very nasty storm rolled over us.  Gin stayed in the MH while I got supper and asked the folks at the Customer Service if it was ok to stay overnight.  He said he would mention it to the security officer.  We had no idea that this was the teenage hang out.  There’s a couple of shopping centers beside each other and they would cruise in their cars and trucks for hours.  Oh well.  I guess urban camping isn’t really our thing.

We got up at a decent time Sunday morning and hit the road after a big cup of coffee.  The Pilot fuel station at exit # 24 has a nice easy access and was reasonably priced so we pulled in there.  After I got the nozzle started, Gin came out so that I could go in to get rid of some of that coffee.  An rv sure is convenient.  As I walked back to the gas pump, I hear my name being called from the SUV beside us.  We are 250 miles from Clayton.  Who knows me here?  It’s the guy who put the tires on Wanda this winter and services our cars.  Sorry I don’t know his name but he got a hug.  Tire guy was visiting family in the area and just happened to be there at that exact time.  Fate and a small world moment.  It made us smile for the next several miles.

Driving in the mountains can be interesting.  Even on an Interstate Highway it can be curvy and steep.  Last year there was a rock slide on I40 that blocked the road for many months.  Talk about a headache.

IMG_0328  IMG_0336 
We made it to River Plantation RV Park around 1:00 and got set up.  The first couple of friends to hug us were Nancy and Bill.  Then we met Laura and Bruce who were walking their sweet dog.  I sure am terrible with names.  Glad we all get name tags Tuesday.  Gave Jim a hug,  Mike and Teri, and Paul and Marti too.  After getting a bite for supper, we all met at Howard and Linda’s rig for a little socializing.  It was great to see Sherry and David again and meet Deborah.  Selene and Hank only live about 15 miles from us but we drove about 350 miles to finally meet each other.  This is going to be a great week.  The weather may not be that good but we’ll have fun none the less.

It’s late and the bed beckons.  It sleeps so good.  We love rv’ing.  Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.


Karen and Al said...

Glad to hear that you made it safely. Have fun! You deserve a nice break!

Travelwithwhippets said...

Have fun! Wish we could be there, too. The Dreamers crowd is sure a fun bunch!

Jim and Dee said...

I'm so glad you made it. I feel like we're the spoke and all our friends are in a place we can't get too. Say hi to everyone from NC from us! See you soon.

Deborah said...

Great to meet you two! Now lets hope the storms don't blow us away!

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Glad you're here! Looking forward to all the fun. And thank your Gin for the advice on installing the surge protector. :c)