Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rally Day 5

River Plantation RV Park site #435
Sevierville, Tn

Saturday was a full day of activity for us.  We went to a few seminars in the morning (boondocking, packing for fulltime, and Alaska).  While there, Gin mentioned an interesting item she recently saw at Walgreens for maintaining your medical information on you at all times.  It’s the Care Bracelet.  It’s not only a good way to alert emergency medical personnel of allergies, but you can put your doctor’s info on it too.

In the afternoon, there was an open house rig walk through.  Many rally attendees opened their homes for others to see how they are set up.  Now we are really confused as to what DP to get next Spring.  So many choices.  We went back to our rig at 4:00 and turned on the Weather Channel to find out that Raleigh, NC had just had a tornado touch down in downtown.  We realized that some folks here have family in that area so we let them know to contact their relatives to see if everything was ok.  All was well in that respect.

After enjoying a catered dinner of ribs, chicken, and fixin's, we had a ‘70’s themed dance.  Bill and Linda surprised Howard and Linda with a “hug jug” from many of the attendees first.  They were truly surprised and touched.


The dance was a blast from the past with so much tie-die and peace signs all around.  It’s funny how you can go several years without hearing a song but yet sing along to every word.  Why can’t we remember what we did just a couple of days ago?  Anyway, here’s a few smiles to share with everyone. 
Nancy and Bill and Sherry and David ready to enjoy the night.

IMG_1207  IMG_1205

Mike and Terri and David and Maxine

IMG_1208  IMG_1210

Catherine and JoBeth and Deborah

IMG_1209  IMG_1203

Jim and Linda and Denny and Char

IMG_1213  IMG_1212

Wayne and Sherry, and I love the sign that Penny brought with her.

IMG_1230  IMG_1229

Here’s a couple of shots of some of the fun that was going on.  Everyone agrees that there were a few pictures taken so that someone could be blackmailed later.  Dana sang with George as Sonny and Cher and Gin played the air drums.

IMG_1237  IMG_1234

And here’s the couple who is responsible for putting this rally together, Howard and Linda.  If you ever get a chance to go to one of their rallies, it’s well worth it.  They are great people, and everyone here shares the love for life that they do.  Remember that they are in character for the ‘70’s party!


Sunday morning was the rally wrap up breakfast with hugs all around since many of the people left shortly thereafter.  We hope to see everyone “down the road”.  I think there may be a campfire at H&L’s tonight but that’ll wrap it up for now.

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.


Deborah said...

Does it look like I may have had a bottle or two of wine before you took my picture? Good lord, I am glad my face didn't freeze in that screwy position!!

Laurie and George said...

Great pictures..we had a BLAST!!

Safe travels home..

Happytrails said...

So glad you all got to attend one of their rallies. Howard and Linda are special folks!! Also glad you had such a great time!

Nancy and Bill said...

Great Fun and Great Photos!!

Just got home and trying to catch up...not likely as it is back to work tomorrow.

Enjoyed spending time with you two. I really don't remember laughing this hard in a long, long time.

Safe travels home.......